• 5 Sweet And Unique Proposal Ideas For Her

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    When it comes to proposals, the classic way never gets old, but doing it quite different than the usual is also not a bad thing. If you are thinking of a unique way to propose to her, I’ll exactly help you with it! Read the full article to know my Sweet and Unique Proposal Ideas for her.

    Pro-tip: Keep it discreet!

    It is not wrong to post your proposal on social media, but in my opinion, it is always good to keep things like this on discreet, as precious things are meant to be kept and hidden, and can only be shown by those who are worth it.

    Plus, keeping it discreet will avoid people to give unsolicited advice and unnecessary comments.

    My Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas For Her

  • Scavenger hunt
  • Bring on the excitement by doing some scavenger hunting for that ultimate treasure: her wedding ring. Scavenger hunting is a great way to do if you want her to remain clueless until the main scenario, this is good if she likes to explore and do fun activities.

    Pro-tip: Start this idea by putting up a simple note on places where she can easily see it, such as her office table, bedroom or car, then do a wide range scavenger hunt where you can put on your hints to her favorite places such as her favorite resto, coffee shop and park.


  • Let her get arrested -- and convict her in a special place

    This works well if you have a relative, a friend or you are a cop yourself. Ask her to do something for you and ask your relative, friend or colleague to arrest her by telling a certain but not so serious violation, then instead of heading her towards the headquarters, head her in a special place such as a fancy hotel or at the beach. Then after that, do the main agenda: propose!

    Pro-tip: If she can drive, let her do something that will require her to use her vehicle. This kind of, she might think that she did make some mild violation and your plan of proposing to her will is quite unnoticed and she will remain clueless.


  • Do it in a fortunate way: Use fortune cookies!
  • This is probably one of the cool ways to do your proposal, although this might require extra effort and a chef who knows how to make fortune cookies. Give her that sure fortune by getting that beautiful ring unexpectedly, and watch her eyes gleam with amazement. You can do this by talking to a restaurant and ask for a favor to spontaneously serve the fortune cookies to your table.

    Pro-tip: start with a few fortune normal fortune cookie applying some “introductions” like these sentences:

    “Today, I am sure this will be one of the best days of your life”

    “Today will be a great day”

    “There will be a bright and shining light that will change your life forever”


  • Surprise her based on her passion, occupation or favorites

    There is nothing more that can make her happy than to propose to her base on her character. For example, if she likes mountain hiking, try to climb up on a mountain together and do your proposal or if she’s a radiologist, you might try to propose by scheduling an appointment at her clinic and get a xray shoot while you have some soldering wire stick in a form of your proposal words such as “marry me” to your torso along with the ring.

    Pro-tip: You know what your soon-to-be fiance likes, so whatever unique strategy you will do base on her character, it is up to you.


    Doing your proposal in a unique way is quite amazing, but if you think you can’t do my tips, you may just do simple ways to propose. And while you are thinking of the best marriage proposal, try to see our Precious Engagement Rings and find what you think is the best for her! You can also look into our Wedding Jewelry Collection and our Best Couple Wedding Ring Collection for your pre-nuptial preparation.



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  • Awesome tips to make you look wickedly beautiful with pearls

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    It is hard to mix and match outfits, especially when you are doing that because you got a special occasion to attend. That is every girl’s problem, to be honest, and yes, it is quite frustrating when we get to this point.

    But if you know the basic guidelines and the laws of girl fashion, you won’t get to this point of frustration.

    I know what you thinking, you need to know this right? Very well, I’m here to help you with it! Girl, you don’t deserve to get frustrated about glamming up yourself, so you need to read my article up to the end to get educated.

    There is a ton of things you need to know to get the ultimate mix and matching power, but right now, I’ll just discuss a specific topic.

    In this article, I’ll tell you where to match pearl jewelry, what hairstyle you should have and what type of outfit you should wear.


    It blends into almost any kind of outfit

    Just like diamonds, pearls can easily blend into almost any outfit. But the main problem of wearing pearl jewelry is that how it is made doesn't match the outfit that you have. So, it's not about the Pearl, it's about how it looks like in a form of jewelry.

    So, my main concern here is to tell you how to match the form of jewelry to the outfit that you are wearing.


    Dangles are for show off

    Dangling designs such as drop and Chandelier earrings are purposely made to be shown off. The design of dangling earrings is useless when they are hidden, so obviously you should make your hair to be as neat as possible for the earrings to be shown. A good hairdo such as braids or bun styles is the perfect way to pattern dangling earrings.

    Drop earrings such as these lovely hanging pearl earrings and pure Pearl drop earrings are the ones that I am talking about.

    If you want to see more samples of drop and chandelier earrings you can click here and see our other drop and chandelier collections.


    Bold centerpiece for a bold chest

    As for necklaces, the type of necklace that you have to wear depends on the design of your neckline. Broad pendants are a good match for revealing necklines such as Pentagon necklines, Queen Anne necklines, and scoop necklines. These types of necklines with shows off a gradual piece of your flesh is an opportunity for a broad pendant to shine off.

    Necklaces with broad pendants such as the splendid pearl necklace, aura pearl necklace, and hearty pearl necklace is one of the samples that suits revealing necklines.


    Go T with deep cuts

    While necklines such as v-neck, strapless, and Bay Lines perfect for the t shape necklaces to fall in. T necklaces such as seashell necklace are the ones that I am talking about.


    Studs as a gleaming ear bud

    If drop earrings are meant to be exposed stud earrings goes the other way around. Studs can be both revealed or just a gleam on your sides. If you like your hair to be always laid off and you don't feel like braiding it or making it like a bun, then stud earrings are for you.

    Pearls are one of the perfect types of stones for stud earrings because it has a revealing look with its matted structure.

    A sample of a cute Pearl stud earring is this beautiful Oriental Pearl stud earrings and Double Pearl stud earrings.


    The bottom line

    When it comes to pearls it's not hard for it to match it than any outfit that you want as long as you know how to deal with the designs. If you want to see more of Pearl Jewelry designs, visit vivererosse.com

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  • Pearls: How are they made? Different kinds of pearls and their value

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    Pearls are considered as one of the most precious stones that are available in the market. But unlike the others, pearls came from the sea, which is produced by a type of organism which is a mollusk. Mollusks are shellfish species, particularly the oyster, they are the ones who produce pearls.



    How are they made?

    A natural pearl begins its life inside an oyster's shell when an intruder, such as a grain of sand or a bit of floating food, slips in between one of the two shells of the oyster, a type of mollusk, and the protective layer that covers the mollusk's organs, called the mantle.

    In order to protect itself from irritation, the oyster will quickly begin covering the uninvited visitor with layers of nacre — the mineral substance that fashions the mollusk's shells. Layer upon layer of nacre, also known as mother-of-pearl, coat the grain of sand until the iridescent gem is formed.


    Kinds of pearls

    There are two processes of making a pearl: naturally or cultured. Cultured pearls are made in the same way. The only difference is that instead of accidental circumstances, a "pearl farmer" embeds a grain of sand into the mollusk.


    The different types of pearls

    There are a variety of pearls that is being produced and each one has a different value and grading.



    South Sea Pearls

    Cultivated primarily in Australia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and the islands of the South Pacific. They are produced by the oyster species Pinctada maxima.

    South Sea pearls tend to be both the largest and the rarest of pearls. Their rarity is due to the fact that growing larger pearls requires a great deal of time, during which many things can go wrong: the oysters can die, the pearl can become misshapen, etc.

    Thus, South Sea pearls tend to be among the most expensive of pearls, commanding high prices for quality specimens. Their most common colors are white, silver, and gold.




    Akoya Pearls

    (Grown in Japan and China) Akoya pearls are the classic cultured pearls of Japan. They are produced by sea oysters and they are considered as the most lustrous of all pearls found anywhere in the world.

    The Akoya pearl is either white or cream in body color and can have yellow, pink or blue hues. Some Akoya pearls achieve a rosé or green overtone. It typically has an excellent, good or fair luster, which is why the Akoya is such a prized gem.

    The most highly valued Akoyas are larger, have excellent luster and clean surface quality. Only one pearl and maybe an accidental Keshi pearl is harvested from one oyster. This is one reason why sea pearls are usually has a higher price compare to freshwater pearls.



    Freshwater pearls

    The most affordable pearls sold today, freshwater pearls are known for baroque shapes, white and pastel body colors and softer luster than akoya (except in the case of rare metallic).

    With natural pastel colors and shapes that range from perfectly round to free-form baroque, freshwater pearls offer a widest range of options.

    Common sizes range from 5 mm to 12 mm, but recent advances have led to the development of round and baroque pearls as large as 20 mm.



    Sea shell pearl

    Sea shell pearl is a man-made pearl from the shell of an oyster. The base of the pearl is the sea shell, which is covered and refined to the finishing shape of the pearl. In order to produce an excellent quality pearl, a key element is what we call a 'mother of pearl bead'. This element adds weight, value and durability to the pearl.



    Tahiti pearls

    Tahitian pearls grown in French Polynesia are the only naturally dark pearls. Although often referred to as black, Tahitian pearls come in a rainbow of exotic colors.

    Round Tahitian pearls are quite rare but other fun shapes like drops, baroque, and ovals are highly-sought and still considered very valuable.

    When measured perpendicular to the drill hole, most Tahitians range in size from 8 mm to 15 mm regardless of shape.


    Bottom line 

    Authentic pearls are quite expensive and most people can't afford it. So as an alternative, we have some of it here at Viveree Rosse! you can browse our products and can look for various pearl jewelry here!


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  • Find the Perfect Gift She Deserves This Mother Day Season!

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    Very exciting!! It’s a few weeks before Mother’s Day and you don’t want to miss giving your mother the best gift ever!

    If you haven’t found a gift yet for the moms in your life,  Vivere Rosse has a myriad of fine jewelry options that would make the perfect present. If you are a mom, you may want to share this post to someone as a perfect idea. With amazing variety of items to choose from, Vivere Rosse makes shopping absolutely fun! The jewelry at Vivere Rosse is also so chic, I think even Elizabeth Taylor would approve.

    Who does not want to fall in love with this amazing pair of Opulence Pearl Stud Earrings?


    Mom knows best and you will never fail to impress her when you gift her with these earrings. 

    If she already owns pearl earrings, any woman would love this Twelfth Night Pearl Bangle - Silver made with finest grade simulated pearls



    Your mom deserves something special, but you don’t want to go too far off the deep end so get her excited when you glam her up with a Infinite Glam Necklace



    Nothing expresses a tender loving care like Tender Heart Stud Earrings. You will not regret giving her this pair of darling earrings.



    A perfect ring ain’t bad if you have one of these Pink Romance Ring. Mom will be so proud wearing it.


    For a mom who’s a little more casual, you will love these Four-Leaf Clover Stud Earrings. A delightful accessory to wear to give your Moms outfit a dashing feminine aura and glamorous style.



    You can add the sparkling Solitaire Romance Necklace  in crystal or purple to your gift or save it for another special occasion.

    Gold looking bracelets go with everything and this Starlight Bangle - Gold would make any mom happy. It is a cool 925 sterling silver accessory that is plated with gold for extra shining effect.

    To save the best for last. these Love Me Stud Earrings are beyond beautiful and might probably get your mom lucky and happy the entire year!


    No matter what you give your mom this Mother’s Day, she’s sure to love you unconditionally. After all, that’s what mothers do! And don’t forget your mother-in-law; there’s no better way to win her over than a thoughtful, gorgeous gift of jewelry. You just might become the favorite!

    Happy Mother’s Day!


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  • Asking That Special Someone Out for a Valentine’s Day Date

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    Asking That Special Someone Out for a Valentine’s Day Date

    It can be a nerve-racking to ask out your crush out for a date on Valentine’s Day or generally on any occasion to put it simply. But, really. February 14 is just another day on the calendar you’ll be crossing out once it’s gone by in time. For many, successfully asking your crush out is a memorable moment and Valentine’s Day can make people go crazy over romance. If you think about it, how is it different from taking her out on a date on a different day of the year? Of course, I can’t blame you, dreaming to spend that day with someone so special to your heart. The 14th gives you a day pass to ask someone to be your Valentine anyway! Before you go ballistic and be all Captain Romantic in front of your crush, here are a few things you might want to bear in mind to shake the jitters and pull off a V-Day you can both enjoy.

    Another Day on the Calendar

    Does it really matter if you take your crush out for a dinner date on a fancy restaurant on V-Day? You can always ask her any day on the calendar and make it as special as the 14th. Nonetheless, you can ask your crush out and you have the right to do so especially on this day! Stores and restaurants can sure hype it up to pressure you to give the most romantic dinner date and splendid gift. Honestly? Is that what Valentine’s Day is about? Don’t pressure yourself just to impress. Express! Show that you want to be with that special someone on this day!

    A for Effort

    Asking That Special Someone Out for a Valentine’s Day Date

    Put a little more effort when you ask your crush out for a date on V-Day. Stay away from phone calls and texting! Don’t just simply ask her to go out with you for dinner! Step up your game and ask him/her creatively! Nothing beats a smile or a good laugh from a sweet pick-up line to make his/her day. Pop the question and ask her out for a date. If pick-up lines aren’t your style, try food! Everybody loves food and it sure can do the trick! Order a box of donuts or pizza and request for a special message to be assembled through it. Cheesy much? Valentine’s Day may put pressure on you, but it gives you the chance too to be as cheesy as you want to be.

    Gift from the Heart

    Again, don’t impress, but express! If you’re planning to give a bouquet of roses, box of chocolates, and teddy bears, you might want to think twice. Thoughtful as the gesture is, that might be a little bit too serious for others. Jewelry might also be weighty as a gift, but you can always give him/her an accessory that reminds you of him/her. A jewelry with his/her birthstone or an accessory that reminds you of his personality and style is a good idea to show that you care enough to notice these details. Also, candies are good choices for a V-Day gift too! Sweet and enjoyable, gummy bears and flower candies can be good alternatives for your roses, chocolates, and stuffed toys. Put it in a personalized container, which she can keep as a remembrance!

    Casual Dates are Your Cards

    Asking That Special Someone Out for a Valentine’s Day Date

    For sure, restaurants during this time are fully booked and it will be difficult to find a romantic dining place you and your crush can spend the V-Day at. She agrees to go out with you so make sure you have something prepared! Spontaneity is your enemy during this time. Don’t make your crush wait and become impatient looking for a dinner place. Out of the box Valentine’s dates are great too! Find a perfect place where you can both have a picnic, relax, and talk. Play some music while you’re at it just to lighten up the mood.

    Just ask your crush out! You’ll never know until you do it. After all, what do you have to lose? Stop overthinking! The more you worry about this day, the more you get jittery to ask him/her out. Don’t let the pressure stop you from spending the day with that special someone. Just go for it! What matters is you both celebrate and enjoy this special day together.

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