Awesome tips to make you look wickedly beautiful with pearls

It is hard to mix and match outfits, especially when you are doing that because you got a special occasion to attend. That is every girl’s problem, to be honest, and yes, it is quite frustrating when we get to this point.

But if you know the basic guidelines and the laws of girl fashion, you won’t get to this point of frustration.

I know what you thinking, you need to know this right? Very well, I’m here to help you with it! Girl, you don’t deserve to get frustrated about glamming up yourself, so you need to read my article up to the end to get educated.

There is a ton of things you need to know to get the ultimate mix and matching power, but right now, I’ll just discuss a specific topic.

In this article, I’ll tell you where to match pearl jewelry, what hairstyle you should have and what type of outfit you should wear.


It blends into almost any kind of outfit

Just like diamonds, pearls can easily blend into almost any outfit. But the main problem of wearing pearl jewelry is that how it is made doesn't match the outfit that you have. So, it's not about the Pearl, it's about how it looks like in a form of jewelry.

So, my main concern here is to tell you how to match the form of jewelry to the outfit that you are wearing.


Dangles are for show off

Dangling designs such as drop and Chandelier earrings are purposely made to be shown off. The design of dangling earrings is useless when they are hidden, so obviously you should make your hair to be as neat as possible for the earrings to be shown. A good hairdo such as braids or bun styles is the perfect way to pattern dangling earrings.

Drop earrings such as these lovely hanging pearl earrings and pure Pearl drop earrings are the ones that I am talking about.

If you want to see more samples of drop and chandelier earrings you can click here and see our other drop and chandelier collections.


Bold centerpiece for a bold chest

As for necklaces, the type of necklace that you have to wear depends on the design of your neckline. Broad pendants are a good match for revealing necklines such as Pentagon necklines, Queen Anne necklines, and scoop necklines. These types of necklines with shows off a gradual piece of your flesh is an opportunity for a broad pendant to shine off.

Necklaces with broad pendants such as the splendid pearl necklace, aura pearl necklace, and hearty pearl necklace is one of the samples that suits revealing necklines.


Go T with deep cuts

While necklines such as v-neck, strapless, and Bay Lines perfect for the t shape necklaces to fall in. T necklaces such as seashell necklace are the ones that I am talking about.


Studs as a gleaming ear bud

If drop earrings are meant to be exposed stud earrings goes the other way around. Studs can be both revealed or just a gleam on your sides. If you like your hair to be always laid off and you don't feel like braiding it or making it like a bun, then stud earrings are for you.

Pearls are one of the perfect types of stones for stud earrings because it has a revealing look with its matted structure.

A sample of a cute Pearl stud earring is this beautiful Oriental Pearl stud earrings and Double Pearl stud earrings.


The bottom line

When it comes to pearls it's not hard for it to match it than any outfit that you want as long as you know how to deal with the designs. If you want to see more of Pearl Jewelry designs, visit

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