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  • 5 Reasons You Should Get Stainless Steel Jewelry

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    Stainless steel jewelry is on trend now, in fact, people nowadays choose this over jewelry that is made of precious metals. Aside from being affordable, these stainless steel beauties have more to offer.

    Stainless steel jewelry is in fact, a great one to have as it gives some benefits including for the health, to know more of what I’m talking about, read the article up to the end.

  • The health benefit: It’s hypoallergenic!
  • Stainless steel is hypo-allergenic making it a great choice for someone whose skin is sensitive to metal. Also, it will not turn your skin green or any other color.


  • It doesn’t tarnish, rust or fade.

    Another good thing about stainless steel jewelry is that its look last longer, and no matter what happens to it, whether you wet it with water or pour on chemicals, it stays actually the same.


  • It’s durable and scratch proof

    Compare to gold or silver, stainless steel has a durable threshold when it comes to scratches.


  • It doesn’t look like stainless steel.

    Another good thing about stainless steel jewelry is that it actually looks like real silver or gold.


  • Affordable yet last a lifetime.

    It’s like diamonds, it can be with you for a long time, without the worry of it being robbed because it doesn’t have an intrinsic value and without worrying being brittle in the long run because, like what is stated earlier, stainless steel jewelry is durable.

    The bottom line

    If you want to look cute and sassy without spending so much money on jewelry, try stainless steel now! If you finally made up your mind and decided to purchase one, you can click here to see our stainless steel collection! And for more beautiful jewelry collection, visit our store at and choose over our 500+ jewelry designs now!


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  • 5 Sweet And Unique Proposal Ideas For Her

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    When it comes to proposals, the classic way never gets old, but doing it quite different than the usual is also not a bad thing. If you are thinking of a unique way to propose to her, I’ll exactly help you with it! Read the full article to know my Sweet and Unique Proposal Ideas for her.

    Pro-tip: Keep it discreet!

    It is not wrong to post your proposal on social media, but in my opinion, it is always good to keep things like this on discreet, as precious things are meant to be kept and hidden, and can only be shown by those who are worth it.

    Plus, keeping it discreet will avoid people to give unsolicited advice and unnecessary comments.

    My Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas For Her

  • Scavenger hunt
  • Bring on the excitement by doing some scavenger hunting for that ultimate treasure: her wedding ring. Scavenger hunting is a great way to do if you want her to remain clueless until the main scenario, this is good if she likes to explore and do fun activities.

    Pro-tip: Start this idea by putting up a simple note on places where she can easily see it, such as her office table, bedroom or car, then do a wide range scavenger hunt where you can put on your hints to her favorite places such as her favorite resto, coffee shop and park.


  • Let her get arrested -- and convict her in a special place

    This works well if you have a relative, a friend or you are a cop yourself. Ask her to do something for you and ask your relative, friend or colleague to arrest her by telling a certain but not so serious violation, then instead of heading her towards the headquarters, head her in a special place such as a fancy hotel or at the beach. Then after that, do the main agenda: propose!

    Pro-tip: If she can drive, let her do something that will require her to use her vehicle. This kind of, she might think that she did make some mild violation and your plan of proposing to her will is quite unnoticed and she will remain clueless.


  • Do it in a fortunate way: Use fortune cookies!
  • This is probably one of the cool ways to do your proposal, although this might require extra effort and a chef who knows how to make fortune cookies. Give her that sure fortune by getting that beautiful ring unexpectedly, and watch her eyes gleam with amazement. You can do this by talking to a restaurant and ask for a favor to spontaneously serve the fortune cookies to your table.

    Pro-tip: start with a few fortune normal fortune cookie applying some “introductions” like these sentences:

    “Today, I am sure this will be one of the best days of your life”

    “Today will be a great day”

    “There will be a bright and shining light that will change your life forever”


  • Surprise her based on her passion, occupation or favorites

    There is nothing more that can make her happy than to propose to her base on her character. For example, if she likes mountain hiking, try to climb up on a mountain together and do your proposal or if she’s a radiologist, you might try to propose by scheduling an appointment at her clinic and get a xray shoot while you have some soldering wire stick in a form of your proposal words such as “marry me” to your torso along with the ring.

    Pro-tip: You know what your soon-to-be fiance likes, so whatever unique strategy you will do base on her character, it is up to you.


    Doing your proposal in a unique way is quite amazing, but if you think you can’t do my tips, you may just do simple ways to propose. And while you are thinking of the best marriage proposal, try to see our Precious Engagement Rings and find what you think is the best for her! You can also look into our Wedding Jewelry Collection and our Best Couple Wedding Ring Collection for your pre-nuptial preparation.



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  • Top 5 Amazing Gemstones For Remarkable Jewelry

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    Gemstones are a common fundamental for a jewelry, the alluring shine and vibrancy of their colors gives those fine accessories a great touch. Gemstones have the beauty of being a total eye catcher, no doubt it is one of a must-have for women.

    But what makes them so remarkable? How come gemstones are expensive? I’ll answer the question later on! Read the article to the end to know more about the Top 5 amazing gemstones used for jewelry

    Top 5 gemstones for jewelry

  • Diamonds
  • This is the most common of all gemstones and known to be the one of the most expensive types. There is a common saying “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, simply because an ideal friend of a girl should be like the diamond: durable, valuable and beautiful.

    With a hardness scale of 10, if you attempt to break down these little shimmers using your teeth, it will probably poke inside your molars. Diamonds are so durable, it can cut through glass and hard rock surfaces, which explains its value ranging from $4000-8000/carat, depending on its cut and weight.

    No wonder diamonds are a common gemstone for engagement and wedding rings as it signifies everlasting love on its properties.

  • Emeralds
  • Emeralds are luscious green-colored gemstones, that have two or three times the market value of diamonds. Emeralds are popular during the time of Babylonians from the Mesopotamian era, and it is believed that tribe men use it as a powerful totem against evil spirits.

    Emeralds can be found almost everywhere in the world, but what makes it expensive is that it is rare and hard to treat. The emerald’s market value is ranging from $8000-12500/carat depending on its cut and weight. The hardness of an emerald stone is 8.

  • Rubies
  • Rubies are fine red crystals that is known to be one of the most popular stones used for jewelry. The vibrant red color of this stone represents elegance and beauty. Unlike the other gemstones, rubies are not hard to harvest as it is commonly found just above the surface of the land.

    Rubies market value are lower compare to other gemstones, it ranges from $100-5000/carat depending on the vibrancy of the stone. A ruby’s value is measured based on its color, if the ruby has a vivid red color, it’s market price would reach in  thousands of dollars, while if its color is near purplish or orangy, that is where the value goes down.


  • Sapphires

    Sapphires are a stone that can be in different colors, but it is mostly in a shade of blue. Sapphire is the second hardest gemstone next to diamonds for having a hardness of 9 in the hardness scale.

    It is believed that the earth is a large sapphire due to the colors of the sea. Ancient people also signifies that the sky is made of sapphire.

    A sapphire gem can has a price range of $1000-$12000/carat depending on the cut.


  • Topaz

    Topaz is a genuine stone that ranges from different color shades including white, blue and yellow. Topaz are second to the cheapest crystals on this top 5 list, its market value ranges between $300-2000/carat depending on the cut.

    With a hardness scale of 8, topaz is known to be the softest crystals. Ancient people believed that topazes are the gift of the sun due to its vibrant color even if unpolished.


    Now that you’ve got a little tip why they are remarkably expensive, I know you got a hesitation if you can afford it or not. If you think the gemstones are too expensive for you, there’s always those who are “cleverly cloned” and looks exactly like the said stones.

    To see some CZ type gemstones (Simulated lab created stones) visit and take a look at our luxe and gleaming jewelry collection!




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  • Be The Best Bride! Awesome Jewelry For Wedding Dresses

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    One of the best days that a woman would have in her life is her wedding day, so I understand that everything in this day has to be special. From the place of the event up to the littlest details, such as the jewelry worn by the beautiful bride.

    If you’re planning to get married soon, this article is for you! Read down up to the end to know the best jewelry designs for different types of wedding dresses.

    Wedding jewelry: It matters!
    A lot of people often choose the wrong designs for their wedding dresses, they don’t put much effort into choosing the best jewelry set because they think that it doesn’t matter. The truth is, this is important because to get the best wedding day, everything should be in harmony, just like the tone of a song: the great composition, the better!

    So, now the question is: Which jewelry is for this type of wedding dress? Let’s proceed to that.

    Jewelry Matches based on Wedding dresses

    Hint: It’s all about the neckline

    So what the whole package of the dress doesn’t matter, whether it is a trumpet bottom, ball gown or a mini tote the best way to pair your jewelry isn’t about it, what really matters is the neckline of the dress, because all jewelry is placed at the upper part of the dress.

    Short simple necklace and sparkles for shallow-cut lines

    For necklines like square, bateau or off-shoulder, the best jewelry to wear is short necklaces with alluring sparkles, lengthy necklaces are inappropriate because it will block the upper part of the dress, resulting from clashes of styles. Like what I’ve said earlier, good harmony is the key to make your day the best day of your life, so you must give each area a proper look, and avoid collisions.

    Also, regarding the part of sets such as the bracelets and earrings, anything is fine as long as it is harmonized at the necklace. Just don’t wear bracelets if your gown is made up of long sleeves.
    A great sample of what I’m talking about is our exclusive Romantic Jewelry Set and Our Lavish Bridal Set. These designs are good for shallow-cut lines as it doesn’t interrupt the necklines style.

    Flashy sparkling necklaces and earrings for wide-cut lines

    Wide cut necklines such as off-shoulders, sweetheart, tube tops, strapless top and scoop the flashy, revealing ones are the best type of jewelry to pair. Since the neckline gives more space by showing off more skin, wearing flashy sparkling jewelry such as our Encordia Luxury is just right to make the area more gorgeous. You will look more fabulous because the earrings on this set give an even shine to your face as well, making you the best that you can be.

    Long revealing necklaces for deep-cut lines

    For this group of necklines, it is best to partner long revealing jewelry on necklines shows off more skin such as Queen Anne, V-neck and T cut lines. Long necklaces harmonized to the design of these necklines, so if you got a gown that has a deep cut neckline, I suggest our Paris Spring Luxury is the best for you!

    The exception: The cover all necklines

    I don’t recommend wearing necklaces that cover all necklines such as sheer, high necks or halter as it is already serving the purpose what a necklace have to do. Instead, I recommend wearing something that will nurture the necklines like flashy earrings such as Ethereal Pearl Earrings and Royal Luxury Bracelet.

    Bottom line:

    What matters most is the neckline, and whatever you partner to it comes along the way! If you are looking for more bridal jewelry, we have it here for you! Click this link to see our designer’s bridal jewelry set.

    Visit our store also, to see or 500+ collections!

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  • 5 Tips on How to Choose the Best Couple Ring

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    These days, couples buy rings as the sign of their love regardless if it’s for marital purposes or not. Having couple rings just don't define your undying love to each other, but it also gives someone an impression about your relationship status.

    Now, if you plan to get a ring for you and your loved one, this article is for you! We got some tips on how to choose the best and beautiful couple ring that will not just make your love one love you more, but also will help you save money and your health (yes you’ve read it right, your health!)

    Save yourself from harm

    First and foremost, you don’t have to risk your life when you and your lover decide to wear a memento of your love. It may sound silly but if you purchase rings to an untrusted dealer, you might get a ring that is fully loaded of toxic heavy-metals which may cause serious health problems. I know you don’t want that to happen, so you must only purchase to those who are trusted by a lot of people over the years such as Vivere Rosse.


    It doesn’t have to be expensive
    I know that you want to give the best for your love one, but the best doesn’t always mean expensive. You don’t have to spend a large sum of money just to get a great ring. There are rings that are lavishly good looking without having a luxurious price. A sample of those kinds of rings is Sterling Silver Couple Rings. Sterling silver is a fine metal that is, in fact, brighter and more appealing to the eyes than white or yellow gold. This is a great alternative for luxurious rings as it is more fashionable but not that pricey enough to break your pocket.

    Though not as expensive as gold, silver rings might still be a bit of expensive for some people. So, If you think that you can’t afford silver rings at the moment, the second alternative is stainless steel rings. Stainless steel rings promise durability and non-tarnishing property. It is also convenient to wear as it doesn’t rust even when contacted with certain substances. Plus, stainless steel rings can be done in different fashionable designs, a sample of a great stainless steel couple ring is our Rendezvous Couple Ring.


    Be different, Go unique!

    There is no rule that your couple rings should be exactly alike, you can skip the cliche and choose a couple ring which is not identical to each other.  Non-identical couple rings are not just a cool thing for couples to have but also let you identify which is to whom (a common problem of couples who have the same ring size).

    Couple rings such as The Oath Couple Rings, Faith Couple Rings and Say I Do Couple Rings are the samples of what I’m saying about.

    Buy your ring together

    To avoid hassle and problems about your rings, I suggest you should get your rings together. Purchasing a ring together will help you determine your actual ring size and even get the design that you both like.

    But, if you want to surprise your loved one and planning to buy the ring by yourself, you must determine both of your finger sizes first Click here to see the proper method in getting your ring size.

    Purchase from trusted jewelry shops

    Pertaining to the first tip, you must only purchase on trusted jewelry stores. Not only it will save you from a lot of circumstances, but it will also give you peace of mind and you are sure that what you’ve purchased is a guaranteed high-quality type of jewelry. Vivere Rosse is one of the best online jewelry stores that offer a large collection of jewelry including the finest couple rings. We are known to be the best online store in Malaysia and now, all over the world.

    So, now that you know the ways to choose the best couple rings, you can click here and make a choice. Also, if you think of purchasing other jewelry you may visit our store at and choose from over 400+ collections!



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