Last Minute Holiday Vivere Rosse Gift Guide

Vivere Rosse Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is just looming around the corner and if you’ve been procrastinating your gift list this holiday season, then you’re in good hands. We at Vivere Rosse are happy to help you choose the products that would best fit every jewelry-loving lady that’s precious in your life.


Check out our guide below to figure out the right Vivere Rosse product that matches your loved ones’ style:




Elegant Mom:

Vivere Rosse Vintage Glam Pearl Necklace

Your mom may be one of the trickiest people to buy a present for: you know there’s nothing else that she doesn’t have and she probably even owns the jewelry collection of your dreams. But then again, you’d want to reward her for all the hard work she’s done for you and you know that she enjoys a little sparkle and glam in life. Don’t worry, we have you covered: check out the Vintage Glam Pearl Necklace.

Vivere Rosse Vintage Glam Pearl NecklaceVivere Rosse Vintage Glam Pearl Necklace


This piece is a combination of pearl and sterling silver designed to accent the neckline with an intriguing and vintage look. This necklace will surely go along with your mom’s classic pieces and she’ll find this as a thoughtful reminder of your precious maternal bond.



Stylish Sister:

Vivere Rosse Princess Tiara Ring

If your sis loves fashion and all things glamorous and trendy, finding a gift that will outlast the latest fad but is still up-to-date can be quite a nightmare. A piece of bling is the perfect gift for her and a perfect reminder of how much you love her unique sense of style. Your sister will totally adore our Princess Tiara Ring that she’ll flaunt with a hip aura and high-toned plush!

Vivere Rosse Princess Tiara Ring - Rose Gold


The Princess Tiara Ring has a beautifully CZ studded wing that accentuates the intricately designed princess crown band. Crafted with 925 sterling silver and rhodium plating, it promises an endless shine and a craftsmanship quality.



Glamorous Aunt:

Vivere Rosse Emerald Eye Stud Earrings


Shopping for your glamorous Auntie is just as tricky as it is for your mom. She has everything that she wants and needs too. But of course, this doesn’t mean that you can just let this holiday go on without a nice token of appreciation for all the love and care that she extends to you. Give her these Emerald Eye Earrings to express her colorful and lush vibe!

Vivere Rosse Emerald Eye Stud Earrings

Vivere Rosse Emerald Eye Stud Earrings


The Emerald Eye Earrings are made out of the finest grade zirconia and sterling silver with rose gold plating that will grab attention and shine in every outfit without breaking the bank. It’s perfect for every occasion, making her dazzle and will make her stand out, just like your Aunt’s very own personality.



Beloved Best Friend:

Vivere Rosse Evermore Bangle

Having a best friend is one of the greatest treasures in life. You two have been together through a lot because you two have grown up and have each other’s backs to rely on. To commemorate your eternal bonds with your soul sister, we recommend the Evermore Bangle.

Vivere Rosse Evermore Bangle

Vivere Rosse Evermore Bangle

The Evermore Bangle is an adjustable infinity-style silver sterling with rhodium plating wrist piece. This item is perfect for daily wear and would go great with every outfit that your #1 gal pal has!





With our affordable and top-notch products, nothing else will beat a delicate and glittering Christmas gift for your loved ones. Watch out for Christmas Collection items ­­– they’re now 20% off and a Secret Santa gift for every RM70 purchases. And to top it off, shipping is FREE storewide for Malaysian customers!


Merry Christmas!


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