Be The Best Bride! Awesome Jewelry For Wedding Dresses

One of the best days that a woman would have in her life is her wedding day, so I understand that everything in this day has to be special. From the place of the event up to the littlest details, such as the jewelry worn by the beautiful bride.

If you’re planning to get married soon, this article is for you! Read down up to the end to know the best jewelry designs for different types of wedding dresses.

Wedding jewelry: It matters!
A lot of people often choose the wrong designs for their wedding dresses, they don’t put much effort into choosing the best jewelry set because they think that it doesn’t matter. The truth is, this is important because to get the best wedding day, everything should be in harmony, just like the tone of a song: the great composition, the better!

So, now the question is: Which jewelry is for this type of wedding dress? Let’s proceed to that.

Jewelry Matches based on Wedding dresses

Hint: It’s all about the neckline

So what the whole package of the dress doesn’t matter, whether it is a trumpet bottom, ball gown or a mini tote the best way to pair your jewelry isn’t about it, what really matters is the neckline of the dress, because all jewelry is placed at the upper part of the dress.

Short simple necklace and sparkles for shallow-cut lines

For necklines like square, bateau or off-shoulder, the best jewelry to wear is short necklaces with alluring sparkles, lengthy necklaces are inappropriate because it will block the upper part of the dress, resulting from clashes of styles. Like what I’ve said earlier, good harmony is the key to make your day the best day of your life, so you must give each area a proper look, and avoid collisions.

Also, regarding the part of sets such as the bracelets and earrings, anything is fine as long as it is harmonized at the necklace. Just don’t wear bracelets if your gown is made up of long sleeves.
A great sample of what I’m talking about is our exclusive Romantic Jewelry Set and Our Lavish Bridal Set. These designs are good for shallow-cut lines as it doesn’t interrupt the necklines style.

Flashy sparkling necklaces and earrings for wide-cut lines

Wide cut necklines such as off-shoulders, sweetheart, tube tops, strapless top and scoop the flashy, revealing ones are the best type of jewelry to pair. Since the neckline gives more space by showing off more skin, wearing flashy sparkling jewelry such as our Encordia Luxury is just right to make the area more gorgeous. You will look more fabulous because the earrings on this set give an even shine to your face as well, making you the best that you can be.

Long revealing necklaces for deep-cut lines

For this group of necklines, it is best to partner long revealing jewelry on necklines shows off more skin such as Queen Anne, V-neck and T cut lines. Long necklaces harmonized to the design of these necklines, so if you got a gown that has a deep cut neckline, I suggest our Paris Spring Luxury is the best for you!

The exception: The cover all necklines

I don’t recommend wearing necklaces that cover all necklines such as sheer, high necks or halter as it is already serving the purpose what a necklace have to do. Instead, I recommend wearing something that will nurture the necklines like flashy earrings such as Ethereal Pearl Earrings and Royal Luxury Bracelet.

Bottom line:

What matters most is the neckline, and whatever you partner to it comes along the way! If you are looking for more bridal jewelry, we have it here for you! Click this link to see our designer’s bridal jewelry set.

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