Toxic Heavy Metals In Jewelry: Know Its Hazardous Danger

Toxic Heavy Metals In Jewelry Know Its Hazardous Danger | Vivere Rosse

Most of us love accessorizing ourselves with small little things that make us gorgeous. So, having fashion jewelry in our wardrobes is not a surprise. We love to mix jewelry or anything that will add up the charm in our OOTD's. That's how things go to us ladies.

But, being fab doesn’t end on looking gorgeous. We should apply a fair amount of caution to ourselves also. I know you have heard that some jewelry, especially fashion ones consist of heavy metals and a lot have been telling that it is extremely dangerous to our health.

But how dangerous is it? What could happen if we wear jewelry that has heavy metals in it? Read the article until the end to know about the hazardous danger of toxic heavy metals.


What are heavy metals?

A brief definition of it is “a dense metal that is (usually) toxic at low concentrations.” Though generally speaking, not all heavy metal elements are dangerous. Gold is a type of heavy metal but it is completely non-toxic. There are some types that are known to be dangerous to our health and those types of metals can be found in almost anything that we use in our daily lives, including your fashion jewelry (yikes!).

Toxic Heavy Metals In Jewelry Know Its Hazardous Danger | Vivere Rosse

Reasons of large amounts of heavy metals in a jewelry

There are several reasons why manufacturers add large amounts of toxic heavy metals in their jewelry, but the main reason for it is to save money and time. When lead is mixed with an alloy, the metal mixture can be easily formed and designed, while cadmium can add up extra shimmer and vibrancy to the jewelry.


Heavy metals found in jewelry and their toxic effects

Toxic Heavy Metals In Jewelry Know Its Hazardous Danger | Vivere Rosse


Cadmium is one of the toxic heavy metals that can be found in jewelry. It affects almost every organ in our body, but it mostly accumulates in our nerves, liver, and kidneys. Prolong exposure to cadmium can cause brain, liver and kidney problems in the long run including a high chance of death. While less morbid effects include brain fogginess, head ache, and difficulty in breathing and heart palpitations.

So, if you think your cognitive skills are not the same as before, or if you have unexplained headaches, you might want to check if that jewelry that you have may contain cadmium.

Toxic Heavy Metals In Jewelry Know Its Hazardous Danger | Vivere Rosse


Lead is also one of the common toxic metals found in jewelry. Lead toxicity can cause liver and kidney damage, reduction in hemoglobin formation, mental retardation and abnormality in fertility and pregnancy. Sudden exposure to large amounts of lead can cause immediate death, while prolonged exposure to low amounts may prompt the said causes.

So, if you’re having a hard time conceiving, it may be the lead in your jewelry that is causing it.

Toxic Heavy Metals In Jewelry Know Its Hazardous Danger | Vivere Rosse


Another heavy metal that can be found in jewelry is mercury. Large amounts of mercury can cause mercury poisoning, which can cause sudden death. While prolonging exposure to mercury may alleviate the chance of fatal diseases such as cancer and tumors. It also affects our nervous and digestive health and is believed to be the reason for mental retardation and candida overgrowth in the gut.

So, if you got some tummy problems now, might as well put your jewelry on the watchlist of the reason why you have it.

Toxic Heavy Metals In Jewelry Know Its Hazardous Danger | Vivere Rosse

How to know if your jewelry has large amounts of toxic heavy metals?

There is a special tool to determine how much toxic metals are in a specific item. This works by placing the sensor near the item and the tool will automatically calculate the amount of heavy metal in its surface.

However, this tool is used only by professionals that are authorized by the government and companies that concern about heavy metals. So, to play safe regarding heavy metals, we should purchase jewelry on trusted retailers that have certifications and had passed quality checking departments to ensure the safety of those products.


BOTTOM LINE: Our jewelry is heavy-metal free!

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