Lovely Link Earrings

RM149.00 MYR

RM149.00 MYR

Just in time for this year's flavor is this pair of Lovely Link Earrings. Enhance the sparkle of your wardrobe with a fantastic work of art on the cubic zirconia stones with wonderful facets, shining from all angles. The small hoops are even glazed with small studs to add a glamorous look to any outfit of your choice. It's charming design can easily be paired with your other silver jewelry to complete your ensemble. Get this as an addition to your collection or as a gift for a special someone. A top class and superior quality any woman will enjoy wearing and having.

  • Material: 18K White Gold Plated Copper
  • Stone: Finest Grade Cubic Zirconia
  • Color: Crystal
  • Length: 28 mm x 8 mm
  • Nickel and lead free
  • Suitable for daily wear
  • 100% quality assurance and satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Comes with Vivere Rosse jewelry box, silver polishing cloth and paper bag

Contains Zircon gemstone:
  •  Existent for over 100s of years
  •  High diffusion and used to emulate diamonds
  •  Favoured in jewellery due to it close resemblance to diamond
  •  Has great brilliance and shine due to high refractive index

As a conventional birthstone:
  •  Brings success
  •  Aids sleep
  •  Prosperity
  •  Encourage honor and wisdom
  •  Relieves pain
  •  Raise self-esteem

Care for Zircon:
  •  Should be cleaned with hot water
  •  Should be protected from sudden temperature changes and chemicals
  •  Gentle soap and soft bristles can be used to remove dirt
  •  Should be stored carefully

There are two DIY methods in sizing up your finger, if followed accurately. Our rings follow Asian sizes, and will be the same as the sizes measured in any jewelry shops around town. Hence, when in doubt do visit your nearest jewelry shops to have your finger measured.

Take your existing ring and measure its internal diameter (the biggest measurement). Take the readings and compare with our ring size chart for the ring size.


1. Take a sewing thread and wind it snugly around your ring finger. For accuracy it should be slightly tight.

2. At the point where the thread crosses each other, take a pen to mark the two positions.Straighten the thread and measure the length in between the two points against a ruler. This measurement is the perimeter length of your finger.

3. Compare this reading to the ring size chart for your ring size.

NOTE: Do not wind the thread loosely around your ring finger. This shall cause inaccuracy in the readings.


 Your finger size changes depending on the time of day and the weather. For best results, measure your finger size during:

1. At the end of the day and when your fingers are warm. (Fingers are smaller in the early morning and when cold)

2. Measure finger size 3 to 4 times to eliminate an erroneous reading.

International Ring Size Chart

Internal Diameter (mm) Perimeter Length (mm) USA size Asian Size
15.2 48 4 8
15.5 49 4 9
15.8 50 5 10
16.2 51 5 11
16.5 52 5.5 12
16.9 53 6 13
17.2 54 6 14
17.5 55 7 15
17.8 56 7 16
18.1 57 8 17
18.4 58 8 18
18.7 59 8.5 19
19.1 60 9 20
19.4 61 9.5 21
19.8 62 10 22
20.1 63 10 23
20.4 64 11 24
20.7 65 11 25
21.1 66 11.5 26
21.4 67 12 27
21.7 68 12.5 28

Vivere Rosse provides ring size exchange within 7 days upon receiving your package. To exchange, please refer to the Return & Exchange Policy for further information on product returns. Exchange fee applies.

For assistance, please contact our jewelry consultants at or reach us at +60127724119.