Vivere Rosse - A Spark of Romance

Hello! This is Lynn! I’m the founder of Vivere Rosse!
I’m always fascinated with popular styles and latest fads ever since! Going to malls, window shopping, and buying the latest apparel have been my pastimes until this very day. Fashion really uplifts my soul and transforms my physical and emotional dispositions. It was an obsession – a passion I wanted to live for.
I wanted to use that obsession to venture in to business since I also desired having my own one. It was a childhood dream of mine! I saw myself having my own boutique that sells the coolest catwalk trends for every wardrobe geeks! Yet, I found out that selling clothes was too mainstream in this day and age. I looked for other industries, but my passion for fashion always tempts me back to the industry. It was a calling I chased, not in classy dresses and cute skirts, but with shiny and shimmering jewelry. That was the time when I discovered the glamorous beauty of 925 sterling silvers and cubic zirconia stones.

It amazes me how these jewelries bring out a sophisticated and natural glow with any outfit you wear. I effortlessly fell in love with the brilliant polish and versatility of 925 sterling silvers and the eye-catching diamond-like sparkles from cubic zirconia studding and centerpieces. And so in 2014, I was inspired to start Vivere Rosse as my online jewelry store in Malaysia and easily became the number one fan of my products! Handling my jewelry boutique was more than exciting especially when I source my products from all over the world! Never have I thought that I’ll even have customers, buying rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets from international countries too!

From Johor Bahru, I moved to Kuala Lumpur, when Vivere Rosse started to become a bigger jewelry store in 2016. Vivere Rosse continues to gather more consumers to provide them the perfect standout style and dazzling radiance from the flawless and premium grade jewelries suited for casual trends and the classiest of all events.

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