The Engagement Ring for Her

Your palms get sweaty. Butterflies going crazy in your stomach. You perspire exaggeratedly, thinking of the possible scenarios that could happen during the moment you get down on one knee. “What if she finds out that I’ll be proposing tonight?” “What if she says no?” “What if she freaks out and walks out from our date night!?”

It can be a nerve wracking experience for some, while others can’t wait from the excitement of popping the question to your special someone. But, of course, you have to be sure that she is ready for this moment. Make sure that you have the right pieces.

Perfect place?  ✓

Perfect time? ✓

Perfect woman? ✓

How about the last piece of the puzzle? Perfect ring for your proposal? Now that’s also a decision you carefully have to think about!

Let’s get you more thrilled for that marriage proposal, or perhaps, calm you a bit (if you’re the panicky type). Drop her jaw in awe as she sees the beautiful sparkle on the engagement ring. For this, let’s get the best to get the yes! Choose the perfect ring that fits her glow and personality. Vivere Rosse can suggest the spot-on engagement ring you can get for her!


For the classic

Be Mine Couple Rings

Be Mine Couple Rings

A simpler style doesn’t mean a plain look. Some women prefer to wear rings (or jewelry in general) that have vintage look that doesn’t go over the top. These are the pearl wearers and enthusiasts, when it comes to necklaces and earrings. Simple engagement rings with a classic and flawless glamour might be the engagement ring for her.


For the darling

True Love Ring

True Love Ring

Charmed by a youthful touch, there are those who wish for that feminine aura. They love wearing rings with sweet and fun themes such as heart and floral designs. For an engagement ring, however, make sure it has a delightful center-stone that can be boasted as she flickers her fingers with it.


For the enchanting

Enchanted Ring

Enchanted Ring

Ensure that she doesn’t get hypnotized by the combination of the mysterious vibe and the romantic touch of these kinds of rings. They feature a wonderful center-stone that has flawless cuts and facets and is adorned with gorgeous studs on the band. This mixing of styles gives it an intriguing and tantalizing quality.


For the royalty

Tiara of Dreams Couple Rings

Tiara of Dreams Couple Rings

Women love being treated like a royalty. They must be graced with types of rings that possess an exquisite appeal, making anyone bow and kiss a divine lady’s hand. The Victorian inspired patterns or the magnificently studded tiara crafting are just some of the engagement ring designs you might want to get for her. These are splendid choices for your queen to enhance her luxurious look.


For the luscious

Say I Do Couple Rings

Say I Do Couple Rings

Ladies, who love to display their sensual side, would love an engagement ring that has a mesmerizing and sexy quality. Choose a ring that showcases its magnetic curve designs on the band of the ring that highlights the lustrous colors and its overall shape.

Choosing the engagement ring for your soon-to-be wife may not be a simple task, but if you know her too well, we’re pretty sure you’ll get her the perfect one. Just remember to know her ring size and the style that she flaunts (with consideration to your budget too)! Select from the variety of engagement rings for the missing perfect piece from the Vivere Rosse collection!

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