Taking Care of Your Jewelries

Jewelries are your precious stones you can use to revamp and spruce up your everyday outfit. You can wear them for a lifetime when you do understand how to take care of these. Remember that you should be enjoying wearing them. And displaying scratched, tarnished, and faded colored jewelries isn’t fun and does not provide you confidence at all! Hence, it is important to retain the fresh sparkling look and flourishing shades of your jewelries by making sure they are taken care for.

Here are simple tips and ways from Vivere Rosse on how to maintain the beauty of your jewelry pieces.

Wearing Guidelines

It’s very common for people to forget they’re wearing their special ornaments while doing various tasks such as doing physical work and putting on makeup. These are just some of the common reasons why your jewelries’ aesthetic value doesn’t last long as they can. They can get scratched while performing physical tasks or may be exposed to chemicals that can ruin the luster and colors of these.

Save yourself the trouble and remove your jewelries first before performing physical activities to prevent your jewelries from getting damaged. Chemicals from makeups, lotions, and perfumes can often cause tarnishing on jewelries. Limit the exposure to these chemicals by applying your cosmetics first before putting your jewelries on. Another thing you have to be mindful of is that chemicals from soap can make your jewelries look dull and discolored. So remove your jewelries first before washing your hands or taking a bath.

Jewelry Storage

Most owners keep their jewelries inside their drawers. Some have their own containers, where they simply toss them all inside. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to cramp them all up in one storage. It’s way to ask for damaged and scratched jewelries, really.

Your jewelries often come with padded containers or pouches, making them a perfect storage for your jewelry. But, it’s not efficient to keep all these containers and store them back. And later on, these will take too much space in your closet.

Investing on a jewelry organizer isn’t such a bad idea. These organizers have compartmentalized slots that are specifically for rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets and necklaces. Usually, the slots are padded to avoid scratching and tarnish. Not only are your jewelries stored properly, but these organizers make your collection pleasant to look at, while making it easy for you to mix and match.

For travelers, it is wise to keep your jewelries in cases or bags that have fabric or cloth paddings. These travel storages are your best options to keep them safe from dents and scratches while travelling.


Keeping your jewelry clean is a way to make sure that they retain their charm and luster for as long as they can. If you think cleaning them up is as simple as ABC, you have been uninformed! The effort to make sure they are kept fresh and sparkly lies in knowing the most appropriate cleaning method for each kind of jewelry.

Avoid using any cloth, cleaner, or rubbing compounds for your jewelries. Certain types of cloth and cleaning agent might be suitable for one, but may not be the best option for the other. Be careful when you decide to clean them up as you might not be doing any favors for jewelries by using random cleaning agents. Try researching and reading more on cleaners for specific jewelry types first. You might want to consult professionals as well when fixing and cleaning your gold, silvers, pearls, and the like.

Your jewelries are your investments! These are your lifetime treasures and sparklers. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to take care of your jewelries. It is up to you if you want to keep them good as new and retain their true value.

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