• 5 Sweet And Unique Proposal Ideas For Her

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    When it comes to proposals, the classic way never gets old, but doing it quite different than the usual is also not a bad thing. If you are thinking of a unique way to propose to her, I’ll exactly help you with it! Read the full article to know my Sweet and Unique Proposal Ideas for her.

    Pro-tip: Keep it discreet!

    It is not wrong to post your proposal on social media, but in my opinion, it is always good to keep things like this on discreet, as precious things are meant to be kept and hidden, and can only be shown by those who are worth it.

    Plus, keeping it discreet will avoid people to give unsolicited advice and unnecessary comments.

    My Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas For Her

  • Scavenger hunt
  • Bring on the excitement by doing some scavenger hunting for that ultimate treasure: her wedding ring. Scavenger hunting is a great way to do if you want her to remain clueless until the main scenario, this is good if she likes to explore and do fun activities.

    Pro-tip: Start this idea by putting up a simple note on places where she can easily see it, such as her office table, bedroom or car, then do a wide range scavenger hunt where you can put on your hints to her favorite places such as her favorite resto, coffee shop and park.


  • Let her get arrested -- and convict her in a special place

    This works well if you have a relative, a friend or you are a cop yourself. Ask her to do something for you and ask your relative, friend or colleague to arrest her by telling a certain but not so serious violation, then instead of heading her towards the headquarters, head her in a special place such as a fancy hotel or at the beach. Then after that, do the main agenda: propose!

    Pro-tip: If she can drive, let her do something that will require her to use her vehicle. This kind of, she might think that she did make some mild violation and your plan of proposing to her will is quite unnoticed and she will remain clueless.


  • Do it in a fortunate way: Use fortune cookies!
  • This is probably one of the cool ways to do your proposal, although this might require extra effort and a chef who knows how to make fortune cookies. Give her that sure fortune by getting that beautiful ring unexpectedly, and watch her eyes gleam with amazement. You can do this by talking to a restaurant and ask for a favor to spontaneously serve the fortune cookies to your table.

    Pro-tip: start with a few fortune normal fortune cookie applying some “introductions” like these sentences:

    “Today, I am sure this will be one of the best days of your life”

    “Today will be a great day”

    “There will be a bright and shining light that will change your life forever”


  • Surprise her based on her passion, occupation or favorites

    There is nothing more that can make her happy than to propose to her base on her character. For example, if she likes mountain hiking, try to climb up on a mountain together and do your proposal or if she’s a radiologist, you might try to propose by scheduling an appointment at her clinic and get a xray shoot while you have some soldering wire stick in a form of your proposal words such as “marry me” to your torso along with the ring.

    Pro-tip: You know what your soon-to-be fiance likes, so whatever unique strategy you will do base on her character, it is up to you.


    Doing your proposal in a unique way is quite amazing, but if you think you can’t do my tips, you may just do simple ways to propose. And while you are thinking of the best marriage proposal, try to see our Precious Engagement Rings and find what you think is the best for her! You can also look into our Wedding Jewelry Collection and our Best Couple Wedding Ring Collection for your pre-nuptial preparation.



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  • Forgetting Something for Your Big Day?

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    Jewelry Bridal Sets For Your Wedding Day

    After months of stressing over the best wedding outfit for your big day, you think you're all set as soon as you get hold of your wedding gown. You try to fit it again and realize that you've been forgetting an important piece! Don’t worry about it! It’s not a rare incident for brides to overlook these wedding accessories especially from all the planning you have to go through.

    There really isn’t a reason for you to panic. Luckily, we here at Vivere Rosse got what you need for that day you've been waiting for! So just calm down because we got your jewels for your big day to prettify you and make you the loveliest bride to walk down the aisle.

    Encordia Luxury Bridal Set

    With its versatile design and solid construction of gems, showing those flawless facets, this is a wedding jewelry set you can pair with different styles of gowns. You’ll enjoy setting a necklace and earrings with a unique and flawless symmetrical designs that blooms with floral motifs. This is best fit with V-neck, spaghetti straps, or strapless types of wedding gowns. Wear this with white colored gowns to complement the platinum shine of this bridal set.

    Paris Spring Luxury Jewelry Set

    For V-neck wedding gowns, a simple rule you should remember is to keep it simple. You wouldn’t want your jewelry to compete with the neckline of your gown and upstage your wedding dress. You can try the earrings of the Paris Spring Luxury Jewelry Set. For plunging V-neck wedding gowns, you can wear the earrings and the sophisticatedly designed necklace that features an eye-catching decorative pendant. This will accentuate the plunge and will grace you with a fabulous and magnetic look. The platinum color of this bridal set is also a good combo for white wedding gowns. Try out the Brilliant Luxury, Love in Prague, and Ocean Heart Bridal Sets too. Just make sure it won’t compete with the detailing and design of your dress.

    Romantic Jewelry Set

    The Romantic Jewelry Set is a wedding bridal jewelry you might want if you prefer a simple yet sophisticated style. It features cubic zirconia stones around the white gold plated copper necklace and has no large pendants to outshine your wedding dress. This is a perfect complementary ornament to your strapless gown especially with the wonderfully crafted studs around the necklace and the earrings. The Lavish Bridal Jewelry Set is also a nice finishing touch for these types of wedding dress.

    Finding the perfect jewelry set to match your wedding gown can be a tricky, but shouldn’t be a stressful activity. It should even be fun and exciting when you mix and match as long as you try to be yourself. Remember, this is not a fashion show. It’s about you! You don’t Make sure that when you find the best pieces, be yourself and don’t overdo it! Wear the jewelry that fits your own style and don’t let your wedding jewelries outshine you!

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