Rose Gold Luxury: How To Look Lavishly Rich

Admit it, a lot of us want to be rich. We all want to get that luxurious life, live life like a royalty, and merely just be rich. Unfortunately, most of us just can’t have it no matter how hard we work ourselves off, the slots for being rich is quite limited.

But hey! Just because we have a little chance of having it doesn’t mean we can’t pretend to be one. Yeah, we can at least look rich! And no, it’s not pricey, hence the phrase “look rich”. 

Looking rich is all about style, fashion and how you will put things together in yourself perfectly to achieve that luxury look. It’s all about your style sweetie! To get some tips on how you can make yourself look like Paris Hilton or The Kardashians, read down below until the end.

In this article, we will discuss Rose Gold which is known to be one of the most daring types of jewelry out in the market and which clothes to match it. But first, let us know a bit about the said jewelry.


The significance of Rose Gold

While rose gold isn’t the cheapest type of jewelry that has an intrinsic value, it is less expensive compared to white and yellow gold. Rose gold is a combination of gold, a little bit of silver and a significant amount of copper. Copper is the one who makes this piece of luxury have that stunning pinkish color.

This kind of jewelry is less expensive yet more durable compared to yellow and white gold. So this is a good choice if you look for a jewelry that doesn’t deform easily, rose gold is for you!


But what if I can’t afford Rose Gold?

Authentic rose golds may still be a pain in your pocket, so the best alternative would be those jewelry that are “Rose Gold Plated”. Which means that have that rose gold alloy but only in a low amount, just enough to color the jewelry. Mainly, these types of jewelry contain sterling silver, which makes the jewelry non-tarnishing and looks like an authentic rose gold.

For you to figure out what I’m talking about you can click here to see some rose gold plated sterling silver jewelry.


Mix and match outfits!

To get that ultimate luxurious look, you must harmonize it along with your outfit. A good combination of colors, styles, and jewelry is the key to that devious look. Again, it’s not all about how expensive your clothes and accessories are, but how you wear it is what matters.


Go nude, show that bold flesh!

Well, I’m not saying that you do this literally but what I mean about nude is that wear nude colored clothes along with the rose gold jewelry. Rose Golds perfectly get along with nude and nude shades and other flesh bold colors such as pink, red and maroon.


This to that, that to this and all go along!

It’s not just about the color, but the style of your clothes is one thing you need to consider too. Pay attention to the style of your clothes, you should choose the appropriate style of both jewelry and clothing to get the ultimate luxurious look. For you to easily understand what I’m saying, I prefer some examples down


Nude scoop lines and nude scarpin heels for widened necklaces and hemmed bracelets.

Scoop necklines are better with widened necklaces such as collar necklace and widened princess necklace. This is a perfect match with hemmed bracelets with thin chains. A sample for this is this our fine Pearl Quintette Necklace and Pearly Girl Bracelet. As for the shoes, scarpin heels are both better for nude dress or tops.

This combo can be also matched by other types of necklines that are similar to scoop lines such as U-neck, wide shoulder and decollete.


Nude strapless and nude d’orsay heels for bold pendant necklaces and bangle bracelets.

Strapless tops are meant to show off your chest area, so you must match it with something with a good centerpiece. Princess necklaces with bold pendants are a great match with this top, and a broadened bangle bracelet is a good pick also to effectively harmonize with your shoulder and arm. An example of what I’m saying is this Juxtapose Necklace and Eternal Heart Bangle Bracelet. D’orsay heels is a great match for strapless dresses, but if you are only wearing a strapless topper, any kind of casual footwear will do.

You can also match it with a gleaming ring such as the Desire Ring to add more luster to this outfit. Also, this combo can be matched to other revealing necklines such as off-shoulder and spaghetti necklines.



Nude halter necklines for broad bangles, hemmed rings, and nude colored wedge or open toe heels

Since halter necklines cover up the neck area, I suggest not to have necklaces with it but fill up your extremities instead. A nice broad bangle and hemmed ring will match the halter top, since it will make your arms and hand look more sequential to the dress. Wear it along with some great heeled shoes such as open toe heels and wedge and you’ll look perfect!

A sample of our broad bangles is the Starblitz Bangle and the Duchess Bangle. While a hemmed ring is our Phoenix Eye Twisted Ring.

Also matches to turtleneck, high collar, and illusion necklines.



Nude plunging necklines for Y necklaces, shimmering rings and thin bangles, flat shoes for the feet area.

Plunging necklines reveals the centerpiece of your lower chest area known as the cleavage. To get along with the neckline you must wear a Y shape necklace such as this Sea Shell Pearl Lariat Necklace. As for the wrist and hand area, it’s better to partner it with a thin bangle and shimmering rings such as the Dazzle Diva Bangle and the Princess Tiara Ring. You can partner either flats or heels to this outfit, but in my opinion, flats are better for plunging necklines.

This combo is also good for other low-cut neckline styles such as V-neck, sweetheart, and Queen Anne necklines.


Nude bateau for princess necklaces, thin band rings, and thin chained bracelets.

Bateau necklines totally cover the chest area, so it stable colored chest, so, princess necklaces such as the Chic Heart Necklace is the best type of necklace to mix with this outfit since closed chest necklines can make it a nice centerpiece. Rings that are thin bands with such as the Pink Eternity Ring is the best to partner this kind of style. All of the said jewelry aims to give enhancement to your torso area, whereas to support the purpose of the neckline. Any types of shoes can be matched with this outfit, it’s a flexible one though.

This kind of combo also works with closed type necklines such as boat, cowl and square necklines.

The bottom line

Looking stunning and rich is not based on how much is the worth of your clothes are, but on how you will match them to make you look rich. So, if you are thinking on where to purchase Rose Gold Plated Jewelry, then do visit and see their dazzling rose gold collections!



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