Ring Fingers: Why Rings are Placed There

It is typical for most to be clueless about ring wearing etiquette. These days, rings are worn because of two main reasons. One is that it is part of tradition or a manifestation of spirituality. Secondly, it has become more of a fashion statement for most ring wearers as it completes an ensemble and improves the overall beauty of one’s attire. What most people miss out is that it is not just about the type of ring that you wear. The choice of ring and the manner that it is worn is also a form of expression that sends a message about yourself and to the world.

Different types of energies can be enhanced by placing a ring on a particular finger. You can buy any ring that suits your style, but not necessarily wear it on your ring finger. Unless it’s a cultural and spiritual representation, wearing it on a specific finger is still a choice that you will make. Traditional and aesthetic purposes aside, there is a trigger on why you chose to wear it the way that you do.

The Ring Finger

The traditional ring finger is related to the sun and matters of the heart. This is the reason why wedding and engagement rings are commonly worn on the ring finger as it is. You’re used to wear your wedding rings on your ring finger and you feel its connection to relationship and marriage. With that in mind, wearing a ring on your ring finger is an expression of faithfulness to your partner and loyalty to the love that you share with one another. Single people, wearing rings on the ring finger may also express independence and love for oneself.

The Pinky Finger

Oftentimes, lecherous characters are portrayed wearing rings on their pinky finger. But don’t judge too quickly as these are stereotypical representations only. Astrologists and palmists often relates this finger with connection, intelligence, and persuasion. Some would also relate this as the finger to get attention as a lot of people tend to wear their rings on their pinky to make it more noticeable. Since a ring is not often worn on this, it becomes more of a fashion statement that can easily be spotted. It displays self-confidence.

The Middle Finger

Ring wearers sometimes choose to put rings on the middle finger, but this might also connote different energies. As it is located in the middle, it is often related to balance and structure. If you need more discipline and determination, considering the middle finger as a choice to put on a ring. In some cultures, the middle finger is referred to as the “bad finger.” There are those who wear their rings on this finger, expressing burden, guilt, and heaviness. But, this doesn’t mean that they are living in a negative energy. Wearing one on the middle finger can reveal a person’s journey towards finding balance and structure to his or her life.

The Index Finger

The index finger is a representation of power and authority. When you try to direct, or make a point, the gesture of sticking out your index finger is often made and this shows leadership and ambition. Other times, when people place a ring on that index finger, they just feel that sense of expansion and wanting to move forward.

The Thumb

The thumb is linked with will-power, courage, and assertive energies. These energies can be enhanced by wearing a ring on your thumb. Consider wearing one when you find yourself struggling to speak up or dealing with a lot of fear. It can also symbolize fortitude and self-assuredness as represented by its distance from the other four fingers.

Nowadays, rings are chosen and worn based on your personal taste and to observe cultural traditions. Although you are free to choose the finger you want to put a ring on, one should realize that these fingers also represent something in you.

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