Layer your Sparkler and Glitter

Layer your Sparkler and Glitter

There is just never enough jewelry when trying to strike a glamorous look. And layering is just one of the trendy ways to go at it. Mixing and matching metals with other fashionable accessories puts the exclamation and completes your OOTD. It isn’t just about wearing anything you’d like to wear and look like jam-packed decoration for the holiday season! There is an art behind layering jewelry that creates a statement about your attitude and taste. Essentially, layering jewelry is a way to make a statement and express your unique style through an assortment of glittering pieces.

Check out these Vivere Rosse jewelry you can choose from for layering necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Necklace Layering

The Perfect Ending Layered Necklace is a dainty and charismatic jewelry piece you can choose for layering and striking a charming look. It features a multiple chain layering with a bezel setting pendant and cut out circle pendant that are both bejeweled with cubic zirconia stones. With a mild tone, this necklace is versatile and can even be supplemented with another longer layer of silver necklace.

Bracelet Layering

For layering bracelets, you may want to diversify your selection and create a stack by mixing up metals with a taste of the new and the old.

Find a bracelet that is eye-catching and makes a statement to be the centerpiece of the layer. Large jewels with intricate designs are your top picks for this one. You can try out the Rainbow of Love Bracelet.

Rainbow of Love Bracelet

To add depth to your stack, slap on a bracelet with fine detailing. Shambala Bangle is a fantastic silver bangle you can stack to your bracelet layers.

Shambala Bangle


Show your taste in style and add a unique design to your stack. You can go for vintage designs or bracelets that shows your signature style. Try adding a layer with a one of a kind design such as the Evermore Bangle.

Evermore Bangle

Match your stack with warm tones by adding a layer of bracelet with rich or soft hue. The accenting colors will create cohesion and pull the bracelets together. Choose a bracelet that is not loud as to overload and overshadow the layers. A Delicate Key Bracelet would be a nice touch for an accenting color.

Delicate Key Bracelet

Ring Layering

Layering is not restricted to necklaces and bracelets. You can maximize the beauty of your rings by stacking them up too and mixing and matching your pieces on your fingers. But, remember not to overdo and overload ring layers. The best way to do it is to decide on a metal first (silver, gold, rose gold), then mix & match and play with the textures of the rings.

Choose a centerpiece of your hand. A large ring with a striking gemstone would be a good choice. You can put it on any finger of your choice, but you can wear it on your index finger for emphasis. The Desire Ring, with a stunning ruby colored gemstone and warm tone is a fantastic pick.

Desire Ring 

Stack it up with a ring that enriches the patterns of the layer. You can choose a ring that has a sleek design and accents the centerpiece ring. Put on a Pink Eternity ring on your ring finger to accent your Desire Ring. The Modern Thin Ring is also a fine selection you can wear on your thumb to bring depth to your layer.

Pink Eternity Ring Modern Thin Ring

Complete the layer and create cohesion by adding stackable rings. The Eternity Stack Ring Set is a great addition for harmonizing warm tones and complementary accessory for your other rings.

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