How to choose the best engagement ring for her

Is it the time now to give things an upgrade between you two? Are you planning now to put a ring on it? If you think this is the right time now, well, congratulations! While you are planning on how to ask her to marry her, you might take a hitch first on what kind of ring would you give to her.

As one of the most important events that you may have in your life, you must make your marriage proposal to be the most extravagant one. But extravagance isn’t equals to expensive, so you don’t really have to spend a lot of money, saving money is always an option.

So how are you going to make that big break an extravagant one without spending much for the ring? Read down below to know more ninja tricks in choosing a ring.


  1. Sparkly, shimmering and doesn’t tarnish

Gold and diamonds will always be the common type of ring to give, but its not the main choice. Today, a lot of people are looking for alternatives for it, and they have learned that if it is shimmering and doesn’t tarnish it is worth it. So, shimmers don’t actually have to be more dollars to spend.


A good example of what I am talking about is silver rings and Cubic Zirconia Stones. Silver is a great alternative for expensive metals, in fact, if properly handled, its gleam is brighter than white gold. While CZ stones are just as shimmering as diamonds but it is better because it is way less expensive compared to other precious rings. So it is a great option for you to give to your dame.


Vivere Rosse I Do Solitaire Ring


While you are thinking of a sample, you can take a look on our I Do Solitaire Ring and decide if this design is a good choice.


  1. Notice how her finger looks like

You can get the perfect ring for her if you know how her finger looks like. It’s all about matching, so if you know what type of ring is great for her, everything will be perfect.

If your girl has short and wide fingers, you may consider her to give her a ring that will make her finger look longer and slender. Rings that have long stone designs are great for her, stone designs such as oval or marquise cut diamonds, but don’t pick large one because it may conceal her finger and make it look shorter. Also, thin bands are perfect for her as it will also contour its finger width.

Vivere Rosse Her Majesty Ring

A good example of ring designs for her is this Her Majesty ring. This ring design is best for short and stout fingers.


If her fingers are slender and long then you may consider giving her a ring that has a small stone yet wider bands. Stone designs such as princess or round cuts are perfect for her finger to make it look wider, wider bands conceal the skinniness and make her finger look stouter.

Vivere Rosse Crown Ring

If you think her finger is that type, then I guarantee you the Crown Ring will be the best one for her.


  1. Tone color = stone color

Like what I’ve stated, the perfect ring will be based on how her finger looks and by this time we will consider on how she looks. In order to determine the right kind of ring for her, you can choose varieties that will perfectly match her skin color

If your soon-to-be wife has more of a cool skin tone, best to have stone colors that are high contrast, such as sapphire, amethyst or emerald. A great sample of it is this is this majestic Pink Romance Ring. A great warm and contrasted amethyst stone to partner with her cool skin tone.

Vivere Rosse Pink Romance Ring

While if your girl has a warm skin tone, you can pick a stone that is on the other way around. Bright or warm colored stones such as aquamarine, topaz, ruby or peridot are the best choice for them. just like this Azure Spur Ring, a great way to add more glam to her warm skin.

Vivere Rosse Azure Spur Ring


But still, if you aren’t really sure about her skin color, Diamonds are still the best option and can be a great match for each tone. You can look here to see our Luxe collections for more ring designs.


Bottom line

It’s not always about the money when expressing your desire to marry your girl, sometimes being wise at all things sure will save you a lot of time and money without the culprit of disadvantages. If you are looking for high-quality rings for your proposal event, do visit and choose from 100+ designs available!


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