Hari Raya Jewelry: Best Jewelry of the year

The time of the year is coming soon, and eventually, we’ll be all having to thank God for all of the blessings that we had. Knowing Hari Raya as a special day, we ought to celebrate the sacred feast by looking good and bringing out the best in us.

I know that a lot of you ladies wants to be the best among the rest as you visit your friends and relatives. And the idea of wearing your traditional kurung and kebaya alone isn’t going to make you out-stand the crowd.

So how are you gonna make your Hari Raya OOTD ostentatious? My suggestion, add up some jewelry! If you are looking for the best sets we got it here for you! Add these awesome jewelry designs in your outfit and make yourself outrageously fabulous!


List of best jewelry to wear at Hari Raya
Vivere Rosse Alicia Necklace

Alicia Necklace

This outstanding tri colored long necklace will surely fit in your Hari Raya OOTD. Comes with a 3 mini full stone ring pendants and a fine chain link necklace that will match your Hari Raya outfit.

Vivere Rosse Blooming Rose Necklace

Blooming rose Necklace

If you’re wearing a floral kebaya this lovely necklace is for you, this comes with a fine chain necklace and a beautiful rose pendant that will perfectly fit for the Hari Raya season.


Vivere Rosse Camelia Flowe

Camelia Flower Necklace & Camelia Flower Stud Earrings

This jewelry set is best for plainly clothed kebayas. This will bring out the shine and radiance of your outfit.

Vivere Rosse Celestial Ring

Celestial Ring

Enhance those hands with beautiful henna arts with this lovely floral ring. The brilliance of the diamonds will give your hand a beautiful dazzle that will match your fancy kurung. The ring is good in all Hari Raya outfits.

Vivere Rosse Dazzle Diva Bangle

Dazzle Diva Bangle

If you want to notice how beautiful the dangles of your kebaya’s sleeves, then let this bangle do the trick! It is consist of fine diamonds along with a thin line of metal that made it incredibly fascinating.

Vivere Rosse Desire Ring

 Desire Ring

If you see Hari Raya as a new beginning of your life, then this ring might be the perfect accessory to resemble it. As the sunshine design of this ring, it makes it more remarkable in your hands, so you better wear this along with your OOTD and make those hands look marvelously awesome.

Vivere Rosse Eternal Heart Bangle Bracelet

Eternal Heart Bangle Bracelet

This will truly be a great match for a kebaya that has a great hem arts. Let this bangle be a reward shine in your wrist that will fit into your outfit.

Vivere Rosse Forever Love Bracelet

Forever Love Bracelet

If you're addicted to gleams and shims then this bracelet is just right for you! This is better with plain colored, non-printed kebayas and kurungs. The brilliance of this lovely bracelet will match your outfits contrast and it will make you look like a Hari Raya diva.

Vivere Rosse Monalisa Bracelet

Monalisa Bracelet

If you like different gem sizes and colors, this is for you! if you are wearing a multicolored outfit for the Hari Raya, match this bracelet to get a great fit!

Vivere Rosse Simply Gorgeous Bracelet

Simply Gorgeous Bracelet

Still obsessed with the beauty of the dazzling gems? Try this bracelet along with your hari raya outfit!

Vivere Rosse Starlight Necklace

Starlight Necklace

Give your neck a great dazzle of diamonds with this necklace. It is great for all types of kurung and kebayas, since it has a very classical design.

Vivere Rosse Summer Flowers Jewelry Set

Summer Flower Jewelry Set

Love different colors and shines? This set is for you! this summer themed jewelry set will enhance the great design of your outfit. This is most appropriate on floral Kebayas.

Vivere Rosse Royal Luxury Bracelet

Royal Luxury Bracelet

Love emeralds? Who doesn’t? green stones can actually fit in almost any types of clothing, that includes your Hari Raya OOTD. Try this along with your kebaya and give your outfit a good dazzle.  

Vivere Rosse The Seed Jewelry Set

The Seed Jewelry Set

Nothing will beat the outrageous shine that diamonds give! Whether you are wearing last year’s kebaya or a new one, this jewelry set will make you look brand new and gorgeous throughout the feast.

Vivere Rosse The Sona Solitaire Ring

Sona Solitaire Ring

Enhance those hands with beautiful henna arts with this lovely floral ring. The brilliance of the diamonds will gave your hand a beautiful dazzle that it’ll make you look like living in the royals. Perfect for non-printed kebayas.

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