Get Your Money’s Worth from the Jewelry You Buy

Going to a shop to buy a jewelry can really be intimidating especially for a first timer. Salespersons do measure their customers and tend to throw big words that you have no idea what they are even about. You have the choice to buy from online stores, too, but may find yourself hesitant because of the possibility of getting a low-quality product that you did not expect.

Before you get anxious and excited to buy a jewelry, make sure you are prepared. Stop yourself from plummeting down and spending a lot of cash by educating yourself. Great knowledge about your jewelry will save you from disappointments as you buy that engagement ring for your bride-to-be.

Be like a real jeweler when you decide to buy one! Here are some of the factors you might want to consider when choosing a jewelry.

Center Stone

As the main attraction of a jewelry piece, you have to put great consideration to the center stone. It is the piece that gives the sparkle of your style, anyway. Use the 4Cs in grading your choice of jewelry. Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat are the components of your checklist when you evaluate the center stone.

  1. Cut is important as it provides the shape, brilliance, and facets of the stone. The number of facets or surface gives the diamond the right amount of sparkle that you want from your jewelry.
  2. Clarity have a bearing on how clean or clear the stone is. You might want to ask for a jeweler’s loupe as a tool to magnify the imperfections that are invisible to the naked eye. You’ll be able to see the blemishes on the surface and inside the stone as well. Be sure to get the flawless jewelry for a perfect shimmering shine.
  3. Colour is another factor you may want to consider when evaluating a center stone. Stone colours are graded from D as the highest grade and Z as the lowest. Stones with grades D, E, and F are the prime coloured ones and the stones you must prefer. Look at the stone upside down to eliminate the sparkle factor and look at it against a white paper to see the clarity of its colour.
  4. Carat describes the weight of the stone. The higher the carat, the rarer the stone. Size is also a factor when it comes to rarity. Get the appropriate carat that is suitable for your lifestyle and that satisfies your preference.

Make sure that you use the 4Cs when you check the center stone. These are all important so balance all 4Cs.

Type of Metal

Decide what type of metal you want for your jewelry. There is a variety of metals you can choose from. You can buy a precious jewelry with an expensive platinum metal. This a great choice, but you might need to shell out more cash for it. Gold is also an option you can choose. It might be less expensive, but you’ll sure display an exquisite color and shine from it. Silver might be the second placer, but it is the in thing! Affordable and sophisticated.


Never ever compromise comfort for style. You may have seen the perfect jewelry for your eyes. How about the fit? Does it fit perfectly? Are you comfortable and relaxed when you wear it? Make sure you can still move around without restraint and discomfort. Ask for sizes different sizes and try them all if you have to.

Don’t go through the trouble of settling with poor quality jewelry. Make sure you get your money’s worth when you buy a jewelry. Prepare. Research. Be confident. Here in Vivere Rosse, we make sure you get the top-quality jewelry you ask for. We’ll give you the best and affordable treasure and the confidence you need as you buy and wear the jewelry of your choice.

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