Create a Work and Life Balance to Boost your Happiness and Well-Being

Work to live? Or live to work? Most of us find it challenging to balance and manage our time. Workaholics tend to buckle down and punch the clock for long hours without knowing how to take breaks from the daily grind. Meanwhile, there are those who feel burnout and function inefficiently at work and may even lose their passion in the things they usually do.

Everyone should know that even if working real hard is commendable, it is not a healthy life scheme as it could lead to stress, burnout, and even poor health and failed relationships. The trick here is live a balanced life to boost your happiness and well-being. Create a work and life balance by applying these tips in your life.

Energized Mornings

Eat your breakfast!

What is the most important meal of the day? You got that right. Breakfast! It’s difficult to set aside time to prepare for your breakfast especially for those busy mornings, but it could make a great difference to your day. By eating a healthy breakfast, you give nutrients to your body, which enhances your cognitive function and instantly energizes your body. Without breakfast, your body is just a machine with an empty tank, functioning inefficiently. In addition, establishing a good breakfast habit could have long term benefits, reducing obesity and the chance of having heart disease and diabetes.

Workout and Stretch Your Muscles


Allot time for physical exercise! Working out is a good way to stay fit and de-stress. Endorphins, which are known as “happy hormones” are released by your brain and nervous system during exercise. It makes you feel energized and stay positive. For people who are sitting down for long hours, it is highly recommended that you spend time working out after office hours and during the weekends to stay fit and ecstatic.

Work Smart

Plan and work smart

Procrastinating work is self-sabotage. Plan and prioritize your tasks. Spend time finishing your work to avoid getting caught up in the middle of your daily activities. Get things done right away if you can and don’t let tasks pile up. Figure out how you will accomplish your daily and weekly tasks. Remember, procrastination is the thief of time. Don’t let your work steal your time for rest and other activities.

Master your Body Clock

Regular sleeping habit

Getting a regular sleeping time is part of building a better lifestyle. Your body relies on the cycle of your sleeping and waking time. By syncing your sleeping schedule, you get a good rest at night and feel energized in the morning. It also helps you figure out a schedule you can follow to finish your tasks on time and do your other activities as well.

Learn How to Say No (with a smile)

Learn how to say no

There are a lot of reasons why we find it hard to say no. It seems that we usually say yes because we want to be liked, we want to look like team players and be part of a group. Or maybe we just don’t want to hurt the feelings of others. But learning how to say no is part of our personal and professional growth. We learn how to set boundaries. Saying no gets us in front and helps us prepare and prioritize. Sometimes we just have to say “no” to have more time saying “yes”.

Take Time Off

Take time off

Don’t let yourself drown from the workload in the office. Reward yourself and take the time off away from your desk. And by that, we mean plan a getaway vacation! Take note of the holidays and plan a trip. This helps you recuperate from the daily grind and prevent getting burnout. Relax once in a while! A happier and healthier you can increase your productivity too.

Got your answer now? Work to live? Or live to work? The important thing is you enjoy your life, while doing your work efficiently. You get to do this by having a balanced work and life.

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