Being Chic and Glamorous Doesn’t Have To Be Too Expensive with Cubic Zirconia..

 Cubic zirconia is an all-purpose material that can be used in many ways to replace or enhance diamond jewelry. Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring, wedding jewelry, anniversary gift or simply another stone to add to your collection, cubic zirconia is a splendid yet affordable option many women and couples go for instead of spending a costly amount on diamonds. 

You Won't Be Able To See A Difference.

Unless you are a gemologist or jeweler, it is highly unlikely that you’ll be able to tell the difference between cubic zirconia and a diamond. Even highly trained professionals often need more than an inspection with the naked eye to tell the difference and will need to conduct several tests to determine the authenticity of the stone. 

It’s Affordable.

Let’s face it, in a struggling economy it can be difficult to afford to purchase a wedding ring, engagement ring, anniversary gift or another piece of jewelry to treat yourself or someone you love. Jewelry is often the last item on our list of things we “need” to buy when prioritizing our finances. Luckily, you can still afford the stunning jewelry you see celebrities wearing, without breaking your bank. For as little as one-tenth of the price of a real diamond, you could have a piece of jewelry with a CZ stone that sparkles just as radiantly as the real thing.

It’s More Shiny.

If you compare a diamond and a cubic zirconia stone side-by-side, you’ll notice that the cubic zirconia is actually more appealing at first glance to look at.  The quality of cubic zirconia stones, as well as their brightness, is actually much higher than the average diamond. An actual diamond is just a slight bit harder on the MOH scale than cubic zirconia but in general, most materials will not cause scratches to the cubic zirconia.

If It Goes Out Of Style, You Can Replace It.

Have you ever bought that sweater you thought would work perfectly in your wardrobe only to end up wearing it a few times before it went out of season? If so, you’ll know exactly what we mean with this point. Often times, we choose our clothing and accessories based on what’s “hot” or in style that season and this applies with our jewelry and even many wedding ring styles, that go out of style or we simply just don’t like that much anymore.

Whether the cut of the stone or the type of metal used in the ring or jewelry, it’s highly unlikely that you’d replace any piece that you’ve spent thousands of dollars on. With cubic zirconia, you can replace the ring once a diamond can be afforded or you can easily decide to get a different style and size without breaking the back all over again. Styles change and sometimes our preferences do too, so why spend a fortune on a diamond if you’re planning to replace it within the next few years?

Where To Buy

If you are looking for the perfect engagement, wedding, anniversary or other special or jewelry, for you or your loved one, consider the benefits and affordability of a cubic zirconia diamond or gemstone instead.

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