Achieve a Million Dollar Look with Affordable Luxuries

Jewelries are a staple to a woman’s wardrobe. She can wear necklaces and earrings and have the aura of a royal highness. She can style out an sophisticated diamond ring and can have the glow of a high-profile personality. Women love to wear jewelries to put an accent and enhance their dresses and to complete their fashion style.

Some even seem to be so ridiculously obsessed with luxurious accessories that they are willing to shell out millions of dollars for the rarest and most beautiful piece. And for me, that’s just absurd! It really isn’t a necessity for you to buy and wear it every day. You won’t be bringing a $300,000 bracelet for an out of town trip and take the risk of losing and getting it stolen. Certainly, no one can stop you if you want to do that, but it’s just sensible to wear jewelry that is not too expensive to save yourself the trouble if you lose or damage it by chance.

Luckily, you can achieve a million dollar look with affordable luxuries like what we have here in Vivere Rosse.

Love in Paris Necklace

The Love in Paris necklace displays a blue heart pendant that enhances a feminine and lovely tone. It sparkles flawlessly with heart-shaped cubic zirconia center stone is is finely detailed with studs on the surface to accentuate the gorgeous color of the pendant.

The real Heart of the Ocean necklace

This is very similar to one of the most well-known jewelry in the world that is called “Heart of the Ocean”. Crafted decades ago by a famous jeweler named Harry Winston, it is one of the most expensive jewelry pieces today, which is priced at around $20 million.

Her Majesty Ring

A magnificent engagement ring that adds a nature-inspired beauty and royalty is what this Her Majesty Ring is about. It is made from sterling silver with a dreamy blue oval-cut cubic zirconia center stone bedazzled with small shiny stones.

Princess Diana's Oval Sapphire Ring

It is comparable to Princess Diana’s oval sapphire ring. It has a sapphire center stone that is surrounded with stunning diamonds. Today, it costs around $300,000.

Classic Crystal Drop Earrings

A fashionable drop earrings you can wear anywhere is the Classic Crystal Drop earrings. It is a drop style earring made from copper and is glittered with large solitaire cut cubic zirconia stones that will let the light shine through at all angles from its fantastic facets to give you a maximum sparkle.

Harry Winston's Diamond Drop Earrings

It possesses the style and elegance of "Harry Winston’s Diamond Drop Earrings", which is an in demand earring that are worn by famous celebrities.

Royal Luxury Bracelet

The Royal Luxury Bracelet is a tennis bracelet that oozes with classiness. It is made of 18k white gold plated copper and displays 9 oval shaped emerald color cubic zirconia stones, along with clear ones surrounding them, making this piece sparkle gorgeously.

Bvlgari Emerald Bracelet

Quite identical with the "Bvlgari Emerald Bracelet" that has a fascinating combination of diamonds and emeralds. It is considered one of the most expensive bracelets in the world that amounts to $4 million. But, you can achieve the almost the same style with the Royal Luxury Bracelet with a much, much cheaper price!

Unless you belong to an outrageously rich family, no one is stopping you from purchasing and wearing those jewels that cost millions of dollars. Practically, it is wise to buy affordable jewelries that also provide you a gorgeous and royal vibe. If you damage or lose these, it probably won’t hurt that much too! You can achieve a million dollar look with affordable luxuries. Check out more of our Vivere Rosse jewelries that suit your taste!


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