7 Ways to Make Her Feel Loved

Relationships can become boring and unexciting at times, most especially when you have been together for so long that you already know every single detail in her life. Everything you do together might become a routine and ordinary. That’s just a normal thing for long term relationships, but you don’t have to go down that same path!

You and your partner need to hump and bump your relationship to make it and make her feel loved! I know that you might have become so comfortable with each other and you find it convenient to just hangout anywhere or order a box of pizza and become stay-at-home partners. Your relationship should not be that box of pizza you can dispose anytime once it’s empty and you’re finished with it. You want a meaningful and satisfying relationship? Work hard for it!

Make her feel loved every day! You don’t have to set a firework display nor fly down from a hot-air balloon filled with roses. Sometimes, it’s the small things that really matter, which can make her feel appreciated. When you always make her day special, that love grows and slowly becomes something that is bigger and indispensable.

Here are some ways you can make her feel loved every day.

Make and Bring Her Food

Everybody loves food! When she wakes up in the morning and the first thing she sees is you and second is a tray of breakfast in bed, you’ll be her hero. Surprise her and cook for her! The moment she wakes up and smells the food you prepared, no doubt, you will love the way she will smile at you.

When you pass by a restaurant or at a convenience store, get her favorite chocolate or chips. Bring it to her office with a rose or a bouquet of flowers she loves.

Love Notes and Letters

It is very accessible to send a message to her just to say how you love and appreciate her. Nobody writes down notes and love letters anymore. Love messages that are hand-written just encapsulate the sincerity more than just a simple text. Randomly write down sweet messages on sticky notes like “You’re the reason my life feels so perfect. Good morning.” Post this on the door or somewhere she can easily see it as she wakes up. Or you might want to send her flowers or presents with love letters. Others even appreciate and look forward to the letter more than the present!

Out-of-the-Box Dates

Fine dining in a posh restaurant is alright too. But how about a date at the patio or at the garden? DIY dinner dates are definitely more special! Decorate the area by putting up Christmas lights, surrounding yourselves with beautiful plants and flowers, and lighting up candles on the table. Sprinkle the area with rose petals to add more charm. Finally, serve home-cooked dinner with wine! You might want to serve her favorite dish or try out food she’s been craving for. If you’re not a good cook, the effort will always do the trick.

Give Her a Massage and Do the Chores for Her

Back rubs and foot massage are things she will be grateful for all the time. At the end of stressful day, all she wants to do is to sit back and relax. Offer to give her a massage to calm her down. Finish the chores that are needed to be done for her. She’ll value this genuine deed of yours for sure. It just shows that you truly care for her.

Gestures and Details

Revive the chivalry that is very rare to find these days. Women appreciate a treatment of a real gentleman. When you enter establishments, why don’t you open the door for her? Dining at a restaurant? Pull her chair out! Simple gestures like these are the small details that they will not expect from boys these days, but are surely observed from men.

Do Things with Her

For most, shopping with her can be dragging at times. It can take hours for her to buy the perfect dress or just fit the perfect pair of shoes. But, hey, this is something that she likes to do! Doing it with the person she loves should be a more wonderful time for her. You can try out activities that you don’t usually do. Both of you might not like it, but what’s important is you did it together. Least you’ll both get is a good laugh at it. Enjoy your time together by looking for new experiences too. It’s always a special moment when you enjoy each other’s company.

Presents for Special Days

Give her a little something too during special occasions. Presents are always acceptable during anniversaries or Valentine’s Day celebrations. Give her affordable luxuries such as this lovely Camelia Flower Necklace. You can pair it with the Camelia Flower Stud earrings too to complete the ensemble. 

Make her feel loved and more beautiful with the Dazzling Heart earrings and pair it with the Dazzling Hearts necklace, too, for a pretty and youthful glow. These presents for special occasions will show how you treasure every special moment with her.

Make her see that she is your queen and show her how much you love her through these simple ways. There is no need for grand gestures. The important thing is you do it with sincerity and you’ll find your relationship growing with affection and loyalty.

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