6 effective ways to make your fashion jewelry last longer

Even though fashion jewelry can look as great as the authentic ones there is one major thing that made it less good, fashion jewelry tarnishes and loses shine. Fashion Jewelry rust and rough up in time, unlike jewelry with intrinsic value. that’s the awful truth about it, no matter how beautiful our jewelry is, if it is not made of something that can accumulate oxidation, it will oxidize.

But! Just because it can’t last a lifetime, doesn’t mean it can’t last that long. You can make your fashion jewelry retain how it looks if you know how to take care of it properly. In this blog, I’ll tell you my effective ways to make your fashion jewelry last longer.


The main thing: Avoid things that will cause it to rust or corrode.

Before we proceed on the ways of how to take care of your fashion jewelry, you must keep in mind that the main reason why fashion jewelry go weary is that of rust and corrosion. If your fashion jewelry wouldn’t encounter things that will cause it to rust or corrode, they’ll remain to be in good condition no matter what.

In short, you must avoid the following things listed down.


  1. Store your jewelry properly

Since fashion jewelry has iron on it, oxidation can occur anytime when it's exposed to an area where there's a certain amount of oxygen and they easily corrode if mixed with other jewelry. So, to avoid the two culprits, you have to store your jewelry by type and place it in an air tight or has least oxygen exposure on it.


There are jewelry boxes available in the market that is designed for you to store your jewelry properly, but if you can’t afford to have one, you can use zip locked plastic bags or cotton pouches as an alternative. Air tight containers avoid oxygen and moisture to come in so this will help your jewelry to prevent rusting.

As for avoiding corrosion, you should sort your jewelry based on their base metal.


  1. Place it properly

Aside from corrosion and oxidation, the other reason why fashion jewelry rough up is because we don’t place it properly. Proper storing is a major way of making them last, so you should be knowledgeable about this. Necklaces should be hung on hooks and don’t store them in pouches as they will tangle to each other, the same way goes for dangle earrings and chandeliers. As much as possible if we can place them individually, we must do it. In this way, your jewelry’s pristine will remain whole.

Little pieces of jewelry such as stud earrings, removable pendants and rings should be stored in little zip lock plastic bags to ensure safety and identification. Don't let them mix up as friction may damage them.


  1. They are not meant for everyday wear

The more you wear your costume jewelry, the shorter their life span. fashion jewelry is not meant for everyday use, so you should wear it occasionally. Only wear it when there is a reason to glam up such as going to a party or on a date.


  1. Keep yourself dry

Anything that is considered wet is something you need to avoid when you wear your jewelry. So, you have to dry yourself up on everything that you applied wet such as lotion and creams before wearing those accessories. Moisture can cause oxidation and since the substances mentioned are used for moisturizing, you must let it sit on your skin first.


  1. Wipe it after you use it

I’m pretty sure that your jewelry caught some culprits during the time you are wearing them, especially when most of the time you are either in a cold or humid place. Make it a habit to wipe your costume jewelry after you use it, so you can take off the moisture that is stuck on it.


  1. The obvious one: stay away from water

We all know that water is one of the things that made metals rust. So, you should keep away from water and other things that have water on it.



The bottom line:

Whatever we do, fashion jewelry will still lose its shine eventually. But when you take really good care of it, you can make it last longer than the usual. With proper care along with love, everything will be in good condition, including your accessories.


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