5 Reasons to Wear Costume Jewelry

 5 Reasons to Wear Costume Jewelry

It might be an overreaction to say that it’s absurd to fill up your collection with jewelry that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars just to keep up with the fast-moving fashion trends. No one is stopping you from buying these fine jewelry if you have that kind of money to spend. And sure, it is nice to have fine jewelry, but would you be wearing these every day and run the risk of losing or damaging them? Of course, not! And this is why costume jewelry has become popular!


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Costume jewelry or as we call it, “fashion jewelry,” are usually made from inexpensive materials such as sterling silver and brass, with wide range of sparkling factors like cubic zirconia stones, simulated pearls, and other semi-precious stones. Metals are coated with vermeil or rhodium to achieve that gold/platinum shine. These materials are more affordable compared with the prices of real diamonds, gold, and platinum metals. You don’t have to spend so much just to get that sparkling shine you want from your accessories.

Wide Range of Designs

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With the birth of different trends, continuous evolution of fashion, and an expanding variety of “OOTDs” it has become common to purchase an assortment of accessories that will go well with each outfit. Costume jewelry makes the lives of everyone easier! You can now choose from a wide range of designs without worrying about deflating your bank account! Fashion jewelry gives you the chance to pick out different styles and colors that would fit with your outfit or an occasion you would want to wear it for.  The world is yours with fashion jewelry as you can choose to become hip, feminine, bold, or classy from an assortment of styles.

Wear Everyday and Anywhere Pieces

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It would be impractical to bring fine jewelry when you’re out of town or when you just want to look glamorous when out with your friends. Wearing your fine jewelry daily is risky because they can get damaged right away when used constantly without proper care. Having costume jewelry gives you the freedom to look chic and fabulous everyday. When going for a trip, you can opt for your costume jewelry, instead of running the risk of losing or getting your fine jewelry stolen. With a mix of fashion jewelry, you’ll have fun mixing & matching and effortlessly create a beautiful ensemble.

Can Look Better with Age

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You don’t have to worry about your costume jewelry getting a faded shine or scratches on its surface primarily because of its affordable price. You can just buy another if it loses its lustre! But aside from affordability, you can let your costume jewelry look better and unique with age.  Some prefer retaining those scratches and patina from oxidation for more character and personalized feel.

Looks Like the Real Thing

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Production of costume jewelry has advanced and continue to create high-quality and beautiful pieces. It is very hard to determine the difference of a costume jewelry from the real thing as these accessories possess that fine jewelry sparkling shine as well. Men and women now have the option to go with these pieces as alternatives.

 Allergic reactions are one of the most common problems when wearing costume jewelry because of the nickel that is used to create these pieces. Others tend to get skin irritations because of this. A way to prevent this is to go for “nickel-free” fashion jewelry.

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