• Toxic Heavy Metals In Jewelry: Know Its Hazardous Danger

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    Toxic Heavy Metals In Jewelry Know Its Hazardous Danger | Vivere Rosse

    Most of us love accessorizing ourselves with small little things that make us gorgeous. So, having fashion jewelry in our wardrobes is not a surprise. We love to mix jewelry or anything that will add up the charm in our OOTD's. That's how things go to us ladies.

    But, being fab doesn’t end on looking gorgeous. We should apply a fair amount of caution to ourselves also. I know you have heard that some jewelry, especially fashion ones consist of heavy metals and a lot have been telling that it is extremely dangerous to our health.

    But how dangerous is it? What could happen if we wear jewelry that has heavy metals in it? Read the article until the end to know about the hazardous danger of toxic heavy metals.


    What are heavy metals?

    A brief definition of it is “a dense metal that is (usually) toxic at low concentrations.” Though generally speaking, not all heavy metal elements are dangerous. Gold is a type of heavy metal but it is completely non-toxic. There are some types that are known to be dangerous to our health and those types of metals can be found in almost anything that we use in our daily lives, including your fashion jewelry (yikes!).

    Toxic Heavy Metals In Jewelry Know Its Hazardous Danger | Vivere Rosse

    Reasons of large amounts of heavy metals in a jewelry

    There are several reasons why manufacturers add large amounts of toxic heavy metals in their jewelry, but the main reason for it is to save money and time. When lead is mixed with an alloy, the metal mixture can be easily formed and designed, while cadmium can add up extra shimmer and vibrancy to the jewelry.


    Heavy metals found in jewelry and their toxic effects

    Toxic Heavy Metals In Jewelry Know Its Hazardous Danger | Vivere Rosse


    Cadmium is one of the toxic heavy metals that can be found in jewelry. It affects almost every organ in our body, but it mostly accumulates in our nerves, liver, and kidneys. Prolong exposure to cadmium can cause brain, liver and kidney problems in the long run including a high chance of death. While less morbid effects include brain fogginess, head ache, and difficulty in breathing and heart palpitations.

    So, if you think your cognitive skills are not the same as before, or if you have unexplained headaches, you might want to check if that jewelry that you have may contain cadmium.

    Toxic Heavy Metals In Jewelry Know Its Hazardous Danger | Vivere Rosse


    Lead is also one of the common toxic metals found in jewelry. Lead toxicity can cause liver and kidney damage, reduction in hemoglobin formation, mental retardation and abnormality in fertility and pregnancy. Sudden exposure to large amounts of lead can cause immediate death, while prolonged exposure to low amounts may prompt the said causes.

    So, if you’re having a hard time conceiving, it may be the lead in your jewelry that is causing it.

    Toxic Heavy Metals In Jewelry Know Its Hazardous Danger | Vivere Rosse


    Another heavy metal that can be found in jewelry is mercury. Large amounts of mercury can cause mercury poisoning, which can cause sudden death. While prolonging exposure to mercury may alleviate the chance of fatal diseases such as cancer and tumors. It also affects our nervous and digestive health and is believed to be the reason for mental retardation and candida overgrowth in the gut.

    So, if you got some tummy problems now, might as well put your jewelry on the watchlist of the reason why you have it.

    Toxic Heavy Metals In Jewelry Know Its Hazardous Danger | Vivere Rosse

    How to know if your jewelry has large amounts of toxic heavy metals?

    There is a special tool to determine how much toxic metals are in a specific item. This works by placing the sensor near the item and the tool will automatically calculate the amount of heavy metal in its surface.

    However, this tool is used only by professionals that are authorized by the government and companies that concern about heavy metals. So, to play safe regarding heavy metals, we should purchase jewelry on trusted retailers that have certifications and had passed quality checking departments to ensure the safety of those products.


    BOTTOM LINE: Our jewelry is heavy-metal free!

    Pertaining to the mentioned certifications and quality checks, we are one of the jewelry companies that sell safe fashion jewelry. Our jewelry has passed the requirements about heavy metal toxicity and they have determined that our jewelry contains low to no amounts of toxic metals. OUR JEWELRY IS 100% SAFE TO WEAR and we guarantee that with all of our hearts!


    So, if you want to start to buy some more fashion jewelry that is safe to use, go to vivererosse.com and see our wide variety of collections!











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  • Earrings based on face shapes to make you look daring

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    For us girls, we do our best just to make us look fabulous. It is in our nature to beautify ourselves for the sake of almost everything (lol!) but little do we know that maintaining ourselves isn't just about the hair, the body, and the face.

    When it comes to styling we treat earrings like a cinnamon on the top of the cappuccino: only an “add-up”, but little did we know that this "cinnamon" has a major role in enhancing your overall look. When it comes on spicing up our looks we should also give attention in what kind of earrings would we wear, believe me, you really need to know this for you to get the ultimate look.

    Choosing the right kind of earrings based on your face shape is one of the smartest way for you to achieve your best look. So now, the question is which type of earrings should you match when your face shape? Read the article below to know more about it.


    Face shapes

    There are six types of face shapes: round, diamond, narrow, square, oval and heart shape. Each one has a type of earring that suites their resemblance.

    But before we proceed to the earring types we should elaborate each of the face shapes first.

    Round shape - Also called circular faces, round faces features are widest at the cheekbones. The cheekbones do not taper down to the chin as with other face shapes. An example of people who have a round face is award winning actress Ginnifer Goodwin.


    Diamond shape - On the diamond-shaped face, the forehead and chin are narrower than the cheekbones. Women with diamond-shaped faces tend to have very strong cheekbones. Celebrities such as Rihanna has a diamond shaped face.


    Narrow shape - Sometimes called a "rectangular" face, the narrow face has the same general shape as a square face but is elongated. It still has a certain width on the jaws compare to oval shaped faces. Celebrity such as Liv Tyler is one of the people who have narrow shape faces.


    Square shape - The forehead, cheeks, and jaws are all about the same width on a square-shaped face. Women with square-shaped faces tend to have very strong jaw lines. An example of a person having a square shape face is the award winning actress Angelina Jolie.


    Oval shape - Oval-shaped faces feature foreheads that are as wide as the cheekbones. The face narrows from the cheeks to the chin, creating the oval shape. Charlize Therone is one of the celebrities who have the oval shape face.


    Heart shape - Heart-shaped faces feature a forehead that is wider than the cheeks. The cheeks further taper down to the chin. Ashanti is one of the celebrities who have a heart shape face.


    Types of earrings

    After the face shapes, let me tell you the different types of earrings before we proceed on matching. Listed below is the type of earrings and its explanations.


    Dangle earrings are those pieces which dangle below the earlobe. They may be composed of beads, rounds, squares, curved pieces of metal, or die-cut metal designs. An example of dangle earrings is our Arielle Pearl Earrings.


    These classic earrings are composed of a single stone, ball, or small design that sits directly on the earlobe. An example of stud earrings is our Dazzling Sphere Earrings.


    Chandelier earrings combine the design elements of a stud and drop earrings. These earrings feature a decorative stud that sits on the earlobe and a component that dangles below the earlobe. A sample of a chandelier earring is our Rosemance Pearl Drop Earrings.


    These classic earrings are made from rounded or flat pieces of metal or plastic that run from the front to the back of the earlobe. They are available in a wide variety of circumferences and widths. A sample of a hoop earring is our Sassy Hoops earrings.




    Huggie earrings are like hoop earrings but are usually much smaller. These earrings generally have a wide, small hoop that clamps onto the ear with a post or clip-on mechanism. An example of a huggie earring is our Classic Crystal Huggie Earrings.


    Cluster earrings sit on the earlobe but feature clusters of gemstones, rhinestones, or other decorative elements that may extend beyond the bottom of the earlobe. These earrings are best suited to dressy events as they tend to be very flashy. A sample of it is our Seraphic Dangle Earrings.


    Now, here’s the real deal: Mix and match!

    Now that you’ve finally know both face shapes and earring types, it’s now to see which earring is for a certain face shape.


    Round face – long and sleek dangles and teardrop shape earrings.

    Since the major issues of round shape faces are the lack of edges on their faces, we can use long and sleek dangle earrings and teardrop shape earrings to lessen the width and make their face look slender. A sample what I’m talking about is our exclusive the Seed Earrings and Luminous Pearl Earrings.

    Avoid earrings that is in circumferential form, because this may make your face look wider.

    Oval face – oval studs

    An oval face is a face where you can partner almost any types of earrings, but wearing the same shape as what it is, is far most the better! Oval studs such as our Opulence Pearl Stud Earrings is the best design you can partner with oval face persons.

    Though any kind of earrings is applicable to an oval face, you should avoid wearing long and sleek earrings as it may make your face look longer.

    Wide and bold earrings for narrow faces

    For narrow faces, you must wear wide and revealing designs in order to make your face look wider. Revealing earrings, whether stud or dangle, such as Pristine Pearl Stud Earrings are the best for people with narrow faces.

    Avoid long and sleek drop earrings as if it will make your face look longer if you have a narrow shape face.

    Curves for edges – diamond faces for huggies and curved dangles

    Earrings with soft curves tend to enhance the sexy curves and edges of someone who has a diamond shape face. Designs such as Elena Pearl Earrings and U-shape Huggie Earrings are the best type of earrings to wear for a person who has a diamond shaped face.

    Wide hoops and chandeliers for square faces

    Square faces are better with chandeliers and large hoops as it synchronizes to the face, as well as blend in for good, making the edges of square faces look sexier. Earrings such as Sassy Hoops and Monroe Link Dangle Earrings are the best types of earrings to wear if you have a square shape face.


    Studs is for all!

    Don’t limit yourself to the mentioned earring types, simple stud earrings are made simply to blend up to your style regardless of your face shape. To see some fabulous stud earrings, you can click here.


    Bottom line

    Style is a matter of sequencing things together to create a nice piece of art, so to add some accessories to style yourself, visit vivererosse.com and shop some of our finest jewelry!



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  • Awesome tips to make you look wickedly beautiful with pearls

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    It is hard to mix and match outfits, especially when you are doing that because you got a special occasion to attend. That is every girl’s problem, to be honest, and yes, it is quite frustrating when we get to this point.

    But if you know the basic guidelines and the laws of girl fashion, you won’t get to this point of frustration.

    I know what you thinking, you need to know this right? Very well, I’m here to help you with it! Girl, you don’t deserve to get frustrated about glamming up yourself, so you need to read my article up to the end to get educated.

    There is a ton of things you need to know to get the ultimate mix and matching power, but right now, I’ll just discuss a specific topic.

    In this article, I’ll tell you where to match pearl jewelry, what hairstyle you should have and what type of outfit you should wear.


    It blends into almost any kind of outfit

    Just like diamonds, pearls can easily blend into almost any outfit. But the main problem of wearing pearl jewelry is that how it is made doesn't match the outfit that you have. So, it's not about the Pearl, it's about how it looks like in a form of jewelry.

    So, my main concern here is to tell you how to match the form of jewelry to the outfit that you are wearing.


    Dangles are for show off

    Dangling designs such as drop and Chandelier earrings are purposely made to be shown off. The design of dangling earrings is useless when they are hidden, so obviously you should make your hair to be as neat as possible for the earrings to be shown. A good hairdo such as braids or bun styles is the perfect way to pattern dangling earrings.

    Drop earrings such as these lovely hanging pearl earrings and pure Pearl drop earrings are the ones that I am talking about.

    If you want to see more samples of drop and chandelier earrings you can click here and see our other drop and chandelier collections.


    Bold centerpiece for a bold chest

    As for necklaces, the type of necklace that you have to wear depends on the design of your neckline. Broad pendants are a good match for revealing necklines such as Pentagon necklines, Queen Anne necklines, and scoop necklines. These types of necklines with shows off a gradual piece of your flesh is an opportunity for a broad pendant to shine off.

    Necklaces with broad pendants such as the splendid pearl necklace, aura pearl necklace, and hearty pearl necklace is one of the samples that suits revealing necklines.


    Go T with deep cuts

    While necklines such as v-neck, strapless, and Bay Lines perfect for the t shape necklaces to fall in. T necklaces such as seashell necklace are the ones that I am talking about.


    Studs as a gleaming ear bud

    If drop earrings are meant to be exposed stud earrings goes the other way around. Studs can be both revealed or just a gleam on your sides. If you like your hair to be always laid off and you don't feel like braiding it or making it like a bun, then stud earrings are for you.

    Pearls are one of the perfect types of stones for stud earrings because it has a revealing look with its matted structure.

    A sample of a cute Pearl stud earring is this beautiful Oriental Pearl stud earrings and Double Pearl stud earrings.


    The bottom line

    When it comes to pearls it's not hard for it to match it than any outfit that you want as long as you know how to deal with the designs. If you want to see more of Pearl Jewelry designs, visit vivererosse.com

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  • Rose Gold Luxury: How To Look Lavishly Rich

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    Admit it, a lot of us want to be rich. We all want to get that luxurious life, live life like a royalty, and merely just be rich. Unfortunately, most of us just can’t have it no matter how hard we work ourselves off, the slots for being rich is quite limited.

    But hey! Just because we have a little chance of having it doesn’t mean we can’t pretend to be one. Yeah, we can at least look rich! And no, it’s not pricey, hence the phrase “look rich”. 

    Looking rich is all about style, fashion and how you will put things together in yourself perfectly to achieve that luxury look. It’s all about your style sweetie! To get some tips on how you can make yourself look like Paris Hilton or The Kardashians, read down below until the end.

    In this article, we will discuss Rose Gold which is known to be one of the most daring types of jewelry out in the market and which clothes to match it. But first, let us know a bit about the said jewelry.


    The significance of Rose Gold

    While rose gold isn’t the cheapest type of jewelry that has an intrinsic value, it is less expensive compared to white and yellow gold. Rose gold is a combination of gold, a little bit of silver and a significant amount of copper. Copper is the one who makes this piece of luxury have that stunning pinkish color.

    This kind of jewelry is less expensive yet more durable compared to yellow and white gold. So this is a good choice if you look for a jewelry that doesn’t deform easily, rose gold is for you!


    But what if I can’t afford Rose Gold?

    Authentic rose golds may still be a pain in your pocket, so the best alternative would be those jewelry that are “Rose Gold Plated”. Which means that have that rose gold alloy but only in a low amount, just enough to color the jewelry. Mainly, these types of jewelry contain sterling silver, which makes the jewelry non-tarnishing and looks like an authentic rose gold.

    For you to figure out what I’m talking about you can click here to see some rose gold plated sterling silver jewelry.


    Mix and match outfits!

    To get that ultimate luxurious look, you must harmonize it along with your outfit. A good combination of colors, styles, and jewelry is the key to that devious look. Again, it’s not all about how expensive your clothes and accessories are, but how you wear it is what matters.


    Go nude, show that bold flesh!

    Well, I’m not saying that you do this literally but what I mean about nude is that wear nude colored clothes along with the rose gold jewelry. Rose Golds perfectly get along with nude and nude shades and other flesh bold colors such as pink, red and maroon.


    This to that, that to this and all go along!

    It’s not just about the color, but the style of your clothes is one thing you need to consider too. Pay attention to the style of your clothes, you should choose the appropriate style of both jewelry and clothing to get the ultimate luxurious look. For you to easily understand what I’m saying, I prefer some examples down


    Nude scoop lines and nude scarpin heels for widened necklaces and hemmed bracelets.

    Scoop necklines are better with widened necklaces such as collar necklace and widened princess necklace. This is a perfect match with hemmed bracelets with thin chains. A sample for this is this our fine Pearl Quintette Necklace and Pearly Girl Bracelet. As for the shoes, scarpin heels are both better for nude dress or tops.

    This combo can be also matched by other types of necklines that are similar to scoop lines such as U-neck, wide shoulder and decollete.


    Nude strapless and nude d’orsay heels for bold pendant necklaces and bangle bracelets.

    Strapless tops are meant to show off your chest area, so you must match it with something with a good centerpiece. Princess necklaces with bold pendants are a great match with this top, and a broadened bangle bracelet is a good pick also to effectively harmonize with your shoulder and arm. An example of what I’m saying is this Juxtapose Necklace and Eternal Heart Bangle Bracelet. D’orsay heels is a great match for strapless dresses, but if you are only wearing a strapless topper, any kind of casual footwear will do.

    You can also match it with a gleaming ring such as the Desire Ring to add more luster to this outfit. Also, this combo can be matched to other revealing necklines such as off-shoulder and spaghetti necklines.



    Nude halter necklines for broad bangles, hemmed rings, and nude colored wedge or open toe heels

    Since halter necklines cover up the neck area, I suggest not to have necklaces with it but fill up your extremities instead. A nice broad bangle and hemmed ring will match the halter top, since it will make your arms and hand look more sequential to the dress. Wear it along with some great heeled shoes such as open toe heels and wedge and you’ll look perfect!

    A sample of our broad bangles is the Starblitz Bangle and the Duchess Bangle. While a hemmed ring is our Phoenix Eye Twisted Ring.

    Also matches to turtleneck, high collar, and illusion necklines.



    Nude plunging necklines for Y necklaces, shimmering rings and thin bangles, flat shoes for the feet area.

    Plunging necklines reveals the centerpiece of your lower chest area known as the cleavage. To get along with the neckline you must wear a Y shape necklace such as this Sea Shell Pearl Lariat Necklace. As for the wrist and hand area, it’s better to partner it with a thin bangle and shimmering rings such as the Dazzle Diva Bangle and the Princess Tiara Ring. You can partner either flats or heels to this outfit, but in my opinion, flats are better for plunging necklines.

    This combo is also good for other low-cut neckline styles such as V-neck, sweetheart, and Queen Anne necklines.


    Nude bateau for princess necklaces, thin band rings, and thin chained bracelets.

    Bateau necklines totally cover the chest area, so it stable colored chest, so, princess necklaces such as the Chic Heart Necklace is the best type of necklace to mix with this outfit since closed chest necklines can make it a nice centerpiece. Rings that are thin bands with such as the Pink Eternity Ring is the best to partner this kind of style. All of the said jewelry aims to give enhancement to your torso area, whereas to support the purpose of the neckline. Any types of shoes can be matched with this outfit, it’s a flexible one though.

    This kind of combo also works with closed type necklines such as boat, cowl and square necklines.

    The bottom line

    Looking stunning and rich is not based on how much is the worth of your clothes are, but on how you will match them to make you look rich. So, if you are thinking on where to purchase Rose Gold Plated Jewelry, then do visit VivereRosse.com and see their dazzling rose gold collections!



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  • Find the Perfect Gift She Deserves This Mother Day Season!

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    Very exciting!! It’s a few weeks before Mother’s Day and you don’t want to miss giving your mother the best gift ever!

    If you haven’t found a gift yet for the moms in your life,  Vivere Rosse has a myriad of fine jewelry options that would make the perfect present. If you are a mom, you may want to share this post to someone as a perfect idea. With amazing variety of items to choose from, Vivere Rosse makes shopping absolutely fun! The jewelry at Vivere Rosse is also so chic, I think even Elizabeth Taylor would approve.

    Who does not want to fall in love with this amazing pair of Opulence Pearl Stud Earrings?


    Mom knows best and you will never fail to impress her when you gift her with these earrings. 

    If she already owns pearl earrings, any woman would love this Twelfth Night Pearl Bangle - Silver made with finest grade simulated pearls



    Your mom deserves something special, but you don’t want to go too far off the deep end so get her excited when you glam her up with a Infinite Glam Necklace



    Nothing expresses a tender loving care like Tender Heart Stud Earrings. You will not regret giving her this pair of darling earrings.



    A perfect ring ain’t bad if you have one of these Pink Romance Ring. Mom will be so proud wearing it.


    For a mom who’s a little more casual, you will love these Four-Leaf Clover Stud Earrings. A delightful accessory to wear to give your Moms outfit a dashing feminine aura and glamorous style.



    You can add the sparkling Solitaire Romance Necklace  in crystal or purple to your gift or save it for another special occasion.

    Gold looking bracelets go with everything and this Starlight Bangle - Gold would make any mom happy. It is a cool 925 sterling silver accessory that is plated with gold for extra shining effect.

    To save the best for last. these Love Me Stud Earrings are beyond beautiful and might probably get your mom lucky and happy the entire year!


    No matter what you give your mom this Mother’s Day, she’s sure to love you unconditionally. After all, that’s what mothers do! And don’t forget your mother-in-law; there’s no better way to win her over than a thoughtful, gorgeous gift of jewelry. You just might become the favorite!

    Happy Mother’s Day!


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